Minutes of March 5, 1999 Meeting

Sam McDonald, Steve Perkins, Au, Pat Permietti, Theo Haynes, Jia Mi, Jeanne Boyle, Rebecca Gardner, Harry Galzer, Dave Hoover, Mark Witteman
Marty Kesselman

Evaluation of Web pages

Discussion regarding the external review/evaluation of the new library web page format:

Who  - Susan Becks class in SCILS
When - April 15
How  - Old and new pages will be compared side by side.
     - Guidelines will be formulated to be passed out, this will allow for
       a common set of criteria to be looked at by multiple review groups
       (Susan's class is only the first review).
     - Make sure we know what hardware and software settings are in use on
       the PC's doing the evaluation. To be better able to interpret comments
       regarding font size, white space, scrolling etc ...
     - It will be a more open ended (spontaneous) review, but there will be
       a few specific questions they wil be asked. These questions are to be
       formulated by the Evaluation group (Susan B, Ann M etc ..)

Another evaluation proposal was received from a SCILS student who wanted to use our system to help her write a paper she was going to be presenting. She wanted to be able to have A Web Form put up that would solicit user comments, and would want to Interview people responsible for designing our web pages. She was only going to review what we currently have (not the new design). WAC was hesitant to support this proposal. Ron Jantz and Jeanne will revies the students proposal and decide if it should go forward.

Review of New Web Site

Handouts were given that presented the look of the new rul website and what state the different areas were in. Of the 12 top level links 2 were essentially done (IRIS and Digital Library Projects), 2 were near completion (Indexes, and User Services), 2 were Easy to Port over from their current state (News & Notices and Library Faculty and Staff Resources), 3 more were In Progress (Online Research Center, Libraries & Collections, Friends and Supporters), and 3 more were not Started (Extended Services, Ask a Librarian, and Library Instruction).

Sam felt good about being able to have most pages ready (down to a certain level) by the time of the April 15th Review. Of the three areas that had not been started, Rebecca Gardner reported that the Extended Services section was just about ready and would be given to Sam soon. For Ask a Librarian it was decided that Ron Jantz would talk through things with Natalie and a small group would be formed to look at rewriting the FAQ's and incorporating some of the ones that Natalie has compiled onto the public pages. For Library Instruction, Jeris Cassel will be contacted to see where that stands.

Discussion of the individual Library web pages (Alex, Chang, LSM etc ..) led to the understanding that:

Discussion of User Services Page led to:

Discussion of Web Guides led to:

Research Guides

Evaluation on April 15

Immediate Things

Theo distributed the following list of databases that need to be added to our existing web pages and where they stand:

Project            Progress
ARTFL              Distributed suggested text to 3 key users and
                   received feedback from 2. Solicited revised text.
Dow Jones          Distributed Notice of Availability

CIAO               Solicited description and list locations from
                   key librarian.

Not discussed at the Web meeting but came apparent later. Systems needs to be informed when a new IP restricted remote resource is being added to the web pages. The proxy server configuration needs to be updated when both new services are added and when old ones are removed. This is why we received Ask a Librarian questions about CIAO (already in the Catalog an hence on the E-Journals alpha list) even though from the above I thought it was still pending. For Dow Jones I was aware, but dropped the ball.

I have asked that Donna Kessler and Harriette keep us informed of any new services they are requesting that are restricted by IP address. We may also try to setup a testing mechanism we can use for things that fall through the cracks or we could just wait for users to complain that "X" doesn't work. We also will try to be put on the loop when things are no longer active, but I am not sure where taht loop is right now.

Submitted by: Dave Hoover

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