Minutes of July 21, 1999 Meeting

K-N. Au, J. Boyle, R. Gardner, H. Glazer, T. Haynes, D. Hoover, R. Jantz (chair), M. Kesselman, S. McDonald, P. Piermatti
  1. Feedback on usage
    Feedback was shared and reviewed. Comments about the locations of library catalogs and the subject index pages point to the need for further work. PsycInfo will be located under both the science and social science categories on the index pages. The new top page has received compliments from university communications. There was discussion about the next level of cut over from the old site.
  2. Progress reports
    Design (SJM)- Test pages that move the old page icon to the navigation bar and redesign the new page link on the old top page were reviewed. It was decided to implement the redesign for the old page now. The old page icon will be shrunk now and relocated in August. Individual and multi-library catalogs are now separated on the catalogs page. SJM will notify Natalie Borisovets about the Sage information now available on the Libraries and Collections page so the FAQ can be updated. Design decisions will be circulated to all WAC members.

    Review (K-NA)- Work is continuing. They are finding fewer and fewer errors and have found no broken links. RJ will be copied on all messages from review group members to the webmaster.

    I'Things (TH) - The process is working better and better. It was noted that the old page is now static. The News page has been stripped and refers everyone to the new site. All pages have a notice referring to the new site for updated information. It was decided that notices should indicate the path to a new resource rather than the URL, as well as its presence in IRIS. DH asked about the source of the URLs for the proxy server. The written process on the web page may answer this question. We do not always wait for the proxy server set up before making a resource available, and the process is working ok. Sometimes the proxy takes a day or so to set up.
  3. Library web pages
    RJ requested an update or information that a library page will not be done during August. Progress to date is:
    • Alexander - in good shape, link to old page removed
    • SCC - prototype being reviewed by the management team, will be ready in a couple of weeks
    • East Asian - some new data has been submitted, SJM is in contact with the web worker, the library page will go up with an associated research guide
    • Annex - done
    • Music - JEB will check on status
    • Whitman, Sage, CRL, RU-Online, Hungarian - all done
    • Art - no progress yet, SJM will work directly with a librarian at art
    • Criminal Justice - status of library may change, the page is on the Criminal Justice server, so we need a link on the shell page
    • IJS - the site is being reviewed with an outside consultant for incorporation of video clips, etc., the current pages can be ported, K-NA will work with SJM
    • Dana - pages can be ported, image size needs to be corrected, K-NA will work with SJM.
    • Chang - done
    • Douglass - RG will check on status
    • Herbarium - status unknown
    • Entomology - JEB will send recent information with RG
    • SERC - in progress
    • LSM, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics - PAP will consult with contacts
    • Media Services - in progress, will be done by same person doing SCC
    • Robeson - all changes made form old to new links, site being redone, should be complete by mid-September
    • Kilmer - RJ will ask Jeris Cassel for a contact
  4. Preparation for the fall semester
    Library pages must be as up to date as possible. This is working out well. We should review assessments from the McNair students. RJ will get this information. There was considerable discussion about assessment techniques and the need for further assessments. Our current emphasis is on refinements for the near term. This means all will listen and observe and the review committee will continue work. At some point, maybe six months or so, we will consider more a formal assessment effort. JEB will speak to Samson Soong about working with the assessment committee.

    Marketing and Notification (HG) - the blue notice has been distributed. A Focus article has been solicited, and that will be shared with the Targum and other campus papers. An announcement will be included in a book mark series being prepared for the fall. Other possibilities are the hot topics list on the RU front page, the UL letter to new faculty, an AUL/PSC new services letter to all faculty.
  5. Goals and membership for the new year
  6. JEB stepped out of her role as member and put on her AUL hat to congratulate the group and ask advice for the coming year. Among the topics that have come from SACOPS and that are on her list of concerns are: we need more research guides and to develop existing guides from web to research level, processes for updating our content, replacing lost members, size of group, assessment. It was agreed that one-to-one member replacement was not necessary and that the overall size of the group seems right. The work to be done should determine how the group organizes. A fuller discussion of goals and work organization, including the common knowledge database, will be on the agenda for the August meeting. RJ will share a draft annual report with proposed goals.

    Next meeting topics: goals and work organization, CKDB, facilities portion on the library pages.

    Next meeting particulars: August 18, 9:30 am, SCC. WAC will meet in Camden when TH invites us.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle

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