Minutes of September 15, 1999 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Jeanne Boyle, Rebecca Gardner, Harry Glazer (recorder), Theo Haynes, Dave Hoover, Ronald Jantz, Marty Kesselman, Sam McDonald, Steve Perkins, Pat Piermatti

Quick Reports

On marketing, Harry reported that the Targum printed a substantial story on the introduction of the Libraries' new website, which included a photo of the frontpage of the new site. The Focus printed a much smaller notice, within a larger article on new websites at the University.

Speaking for the design group, Sam advised the committee that his recent work has included reordering the catalogs page, adding the Library of Congress to the catalogs, and updating the WAC page. He raised a proposal that the 'page contents' feature be removed on all second level pages except the 'About The Libraries' pages and WAC approved this idea.

Sam discussed the idea of a site map, which he has determined is not currently viable for our site. Instead, he has begun work on an alphabetical (by key words) site index. This work in progress may be viewed at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/site_index.shtml.

Speaking for the immediate things group, Theo reported that the DBD and Curl databases were recently placed on the catalogs page. A discussion was held on where to place Encyclopedia Brittanica Online on the Libraries' website and WAC decided to place it on the Research and Reference Gateway page, with a special identification, for now. The larger question of where to place resources that do not easily fit existing categories will need to be addressed at another meeting.

Au discussed whether or not the review group was still needed. WAC decided that this subcommittee should be decommissioned and possibly reconvened as a research guides group.

Power Research Page

Sam shared print copies of the proposed interface he designed for a power research page (URL removed). WAC enthusiastically supported the design, with these modifications: add 'finding aids' to the 'choose a resource' category and modify the top corner of the left-side bar to incorporate a link to this page. Some discussion was held on the title for this page and Marty agreed to generate a suggestions list, to email to the committee. The title will be decided at the next meeting.

Staff Pages

Jeanne reviewed three possible models she explored for these pages - hierarchical, functional, and hybrid. She recommended the hybrid model as the most user friendly and WAC agreed. The committee decided to convene a distinct group of libraries' personnel, to flesh out the design for these pages. Jeanne offered to convene this group, in a one-day intensive retreat, and will work to identify participants.

WAC GOALS, 1999-2000
(discussion continued from last meeting)

Ron reviewed the top three goals, as brought out from the discussion at the previous meeting: building up the research guides, improving navigation structure, and decommissioning the old 'rul' website. Jeanne mentioned that she will share these primary goals with the public services council and cabinet, for their comment. Ron added that much of the activities under these three goals relate to two distinct areas of focus - structure or content.

WAC agreed to add two more goals for 1999-2000, which are to develop staff pages and implement assessment activities for the new website. WAC also recommended that Au chair a new research guides group, with Pat, Steve, and Sam, as members. This group will investigate which new research guides and finding aids are needed on the libraries' website and work to secure them.

Topics for Next Meeting

Next Meeting

The next meeting of WAC will be held on Wednesday October 27th, at 9:30 am, in the Heyer Room in the SCC, in Alexander Library.

Submitted by Harry Glazer
September 30, 1999

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