Guidelines and Specifications for the Staff Resources Web Pages

Internal Communications Review Task Force
Staff Web Pages Subgroup
December, 2006

Organization of Staff pages

New departmental, area, functional, cross-departmental, or administrative unit top-level categories may be submitted to the Chair of WAC for consideration, or by any individual librarian/staff member who agrees to be responsible for maintaining content. WAC will discuss and reply with an approval, a refusal (with explanation), or a provisional approval given some modifications.

Proposals must be in writing and include:

Each top-level category will be given a new default section "Archive" which can be used to store old minutes and documents

Documents may be requested to be restricted to campus/proxy only if they are confidential or contain proprietary information. These will typically be personnel related documents or SirsiDynix documentation and screen grabs. These documents will appear in their normal placement, but will be placed in a special /ru_only/ directory.


Content is most commonly emailed to the webmaster as attached MSWord documents. Textual content can also be sent in as plain text, rtf, Adobe PDF, or WordPerfect files. Spreadsheets can be submitted as MSExcel files. Images should be delivered in a high quality format even if a cropped and refined version is included in a MSWord file or PowerPoint. Other special files and formats may be also accommodated. Please contact the we master to discuss.

Files will generally be rendered into a consistent style of html, however, in some instances, the conversion of long reports, spreadsheets, etc. mat be best delivered as PDF's. Please inform the webmaster which files are suitable for conversion to PDF.

Types of Documents

The staff pages are for finished documents or those calling for formal review. Use the T drives, email, and software such as Sakai to work on documents and drafts.


Agendas are not normally coded and posted to the web pages. If a project requires an agenda to be posted send to the webmaster with instructions.


Minutes of committees should be sent RUL_everyone. The webmaster will code and mount them in the staff pages. Minutes marked draft will not be posted until they finalized. It is a good practice to announce minutes in email both in plain text and also as an attached rtf or MSWord file.

Other Documents

Contacts, policies, reports, forms, and other documents can be submitted to the webmaster.

How to Submit Files

Files are most commonly submitted via email, however placing them on the T drive or removable media such as a CD-ROM, flash drive, or 3.5 floppy disc is fine as well. Short corrections can be submitted as hardcopy with editorial notes on it via campus mail. For very simple things a phone call may be easiest.

Content Maintenance

Content should thoroughly at least annually in August. All committee memberships and minutes should be reviewed by the chair of the committee and be kept current. Primary maintainers of top-level categories need to be responsible for making sure that policies and procedures are kept up to date.

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