Web Development Projects Status Chart

Project Priority Team Date
Searchpath Authentication
RU users log in using netid (for cleaner stats).
A SE [SM,DH,ISC] 05/05 Intended to be for Spring term 2006. Stalled.
Credit Card Support A SM,JB,JG,LM,CS,DV 10/01 Actively being studied. Spring 2006
Unified application privileges
Backend database tables of library personnel for supporting access privileges (eg. viewing, editing, deleting)
A SE, CS [SM] 06/05 (partially done)
IRIS quicksearch on website (also supports MyRU quicksearch) A SM [SE,CS,BW,DH, IPAC] 05/05 Search available August 2005. Helper PERL script still pending.
Generalized Event Registration B SM,JEB   test and prep phpESP for this service
BookRoom: Phase 2
Include equipment management/inventory, tech support list(per room/equip), adv. reporting and other features
B SE [SM,JF,LM,JB] 02/03
Password/logins changed to NetID B SE [DH,SM] 06/05
Upgrade MySQL applications to version 4.* B SE,DH 06/05
Upgrade phpESP from v1.6.1 to v1.8 B SE,DH 01/06
Ereserves attachment mail handler
To support attaching "born digital" documents to ereserve requests/submissions.
SE [DH,SM,JG...] 11/05 Pending evaluation of ReservesDirect (by Ereserves committee).
Form mail handler
To replace old PERL form->mail handler.
C SE [SM,DH] 12/12
phpBB JB [SE,DH,SM,JG...] 11/05 Test project with a few commitees(?)
Additional tutorials ISC? forthcoming  
Payroll: Secure Input SE,SM [NH,DH] forthcoming  
Completed Projects
Publications restocking request form B SM [LM] 05/05 Completed
Feb 20, 2006
AAL Upgrades (reporting) A SE [NB,DH,AAL] 05/05 Completed
Jan 26, 2006
Searchpath - Phase 2 - Reporting A SE [SM,JB,ISC] Completed
December 2005.
MyRU modifications A SM [PSC] 04/05 Completed
Live Aug 30, 2005
Project SAILS Support A   09/03  Completed
BookRoom: Phase 1
Schedule rooms, events, and polycom equipment system-wide
A SM/SE/JF/LM/JB 02/03 Completed
February 2005
Searchpath - Phase 1 (all except reporting) A SM/SE/JB/BT 09/02 Completed
Mid-February 2005
ILL Manager, Phase 1: User interface to request ILL Materials from other institutions A SM/SE/JG/DH/AB Completed
ILL Manager, Phase 2: User interface for other institutions to request ILL Materials from RUL A SM/SE/JG/DH/AB Completed
Mediavision Cablecast Scheduler: Phase 1
Interface for staff to put in scheduled cablecasts
A SM/SE/JS Completed
Generalized Online Survey Platform B SM/SE/JF Completed
12/16/03 - see phpESP
Ask A Librarian support (Ask AL 2.0) A SM/SE/NB 01/03 Completed
Content Serving to myRutgers A   9/03  RUCS intro to PSC Oct. 03; passed to Webmaster March 04
Website cosmetic redesign and general conceptual review A   10/03  Completed
7/12/04. complete re-design 

People Abbreviation Codes:
 AB  Anne Butman
 BW  Bob Warwick
 CS  Chris Sterbeck
 DV  Darryl Vorhees
 DH  Dave Hoover
 GA  Grace Agnew
 IPAC  IRIS Public Access Committee
 JB  Jeanne Boyle
 JF  Janie Fultz
 JG  Judy Gardner
 JS  Jane Sloan
 LM  Lucye Millerand
 NB  Natalie Borosovits
 NH  Nancy Hendrickson
 RT  Roberta Tipton
 SE  Shaun Ellis
 SM  Sam McDonald
 WAC  Web Advisory Committee

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