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Increasingly, the Libraries' services and resources have a digital focus requiring a strong, integrated web presence. Currently, the Libraries offer many significant web services as silos, from federated search and subscriptions title lists to IRIS to RUcore. The Libraries' web presence has grown incrementally, and as more services such as LibGuides are added, it becomes more complex. Rather than continuing to consolidate its presence, we need to offer a more effective, intuitive path to critical information and services. Two years ago, the Libraries (RUL) undertook an ambitious ethnographic user study to understand what users value and need in the Libraries' web presence. The clear mandate we received was that users of all types (students and faculty) value a simplified, integrated web presence that reflects their workflow needs and strategies.


In order to accomplish a useful and integrated web presence, a board consisting of representatives from the many committees tasked with maintaining our current web applications is being appointed. This board will be responsible for identifying, developing, and submitting necessary policies and procedures for the smooth management of the Libraries' web presence, as well as coordinating the development of semiannual web release specifications in order to establish a regular process of continuous RUL website development.


The Web Board reports to the User Services Council (USC) and consults with related working bodies, especially with the Library Resources Council (LRC) and the Planning and Coordinating Committee (PCC) as well as Library Directors Gary Golden and Mark Winston. Opportunities to request the inclusion of web services to support the work of any committee or standing body, such as the Marketing Committee or Library Learning and Training Committee will be provided.


The Web Board, under this Charge, shall:


Associate University Librarians for Research and Instructional Services Melissa Just and Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems Grace Agnew shall act as primary sponsors for the WB.


The WB's membership will be nominated by the sponsors for submission to USC for approval before appointment. Membership structure shall provide for relevant expertise, unit and geographic representation across RUL, drawing primarily on existing working bodies:

The WB will also solicit membership from RU faculty and staff with particular expertise to support its work in integrating the website with the university's online presence and to take advantage of cutting edge developments in areas such as web usability and design.

Appointments will be for two years, with the option to renew or replace, based on current needs.


The WB shall be co-chaired by Interim Deputy Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services (IDAULRIS) Judy Gardner and Integrated Information Systems (IIS) Director Tibor Purger, in order to secure leadership from both library services and technical aspects of online presence development.

Time Frame

The WB shall serve as a permanent working body to assure two annual releases of the RUL website and additional online presence elements as needed. The Board plans to meet monthly in open meeting with timely releases of agenda and minutes to everyone. It shall present two Semiannual Release Plans and prepare midterm and annual reports per fiscal year.


AUL for Planning and Organizational Research Jeanne Boyle shall serve as Assessment Sponsor.

Last updated: April 24, 2012
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