Minutes of November 11, 2010 Meeting

Au, Boyle, Fetzer, Gardner (co-chair), Gwizdka, Ling, McDonald (recorder), Mills, Purger (co-chair), Springs, Sterback, Womack; Remote: Anderson
Agnew, Glazer, Mullen

Welcome and Introductions - All

Welcome from the co-chairs: Judy Gardner and Tibor Purger.

Each member introduced themselves to the group commenting on what they thought they brought to the group in expertise, experience, and interest.

Approval of Agenda - Gardner & Purger


The primary need is to organize and plan our work.

The Committee charge and relationship with other bodies - Gardner & Purger

Work and Communications Plan - Purger

Considered in two parts, Infrastructure and Governance.


A Sakai site was set up for the group. All members have access and have been given a "maintain" role. We wish to use this, and other tools, in an active way and use it to make decisions. The Sakai polls feature may be a good tool to vote on possibilities. The group has an enormous scope of work primarily stating with the site redesign which includes as core interests: search, usability, and visual design.

The Web Board will probably generate a number of sub-groups/teams.

A Website support team will be defined soon.


Website Governance: How (content) parts and sections of the website get maintained and expanded.

The CMS (Drupal) will allow us to have a specific manager for pages.

Development Governance: For example, the website redesign.

We looked at the RACI chart and discussed how it will be a valuable tool to make us efficient in our decision making as it will make the roles and relationships very clear.

Website Development (Redesign)

In preparation for the redesign the Board can start by studying the Ethnographic Study reports and data as well as looking at peer websites for "best-in-class" features and execution that we can emulate.

Redesign project plan, an initial high-level outline

Redesign project plan

Critical issues

Meetings (discussion)

We agreed to look to have a regular, projected schedule for the whole Board to meet.

Initially monthly should be sufficient. Gardner and Purger will seek an open slot for a regular meeting time.

Requirements (discussion)

Action items

3 teams will start outlining documents, tools, and policies for the following areas:

Website governance: Sterback(chair), McDonald, Purger, others later

RACI chart: Gardner (chair), Mullen, others later (more RACI resources will be posted to Sakai site soon)

Project plan: Purger (chair), Ling, others later

Google Analytics - Boyle

Assessment is one of the steps in the cycle between releases.

Google Analytics (GA) measures the clicks on our website. It allows us to set up profiles, set goals and generates reports. We need to investigate and consider how our domains should be inter-related and how data will be shared. The first step of preparing and submitting paperwork for review by IRB and University Counsel has be initiated (to be completed in a few weeks).

Action items

Mills and Womack will start to look at what decisions need to be made to configure and setup Google Analytics.

First Objectives, Who's Who - Ling

Who's who is a replacement for the static alphabetical directory. By being implemented in Drupal it allows the directory data to be sorted, expanded, and displayed in a variety of ways.

Ling shared a PowerPoint with screen shots that displayed features and possibilities. The Board made comments on feasibility of alphabetical jump lists, search in page, etc.

The Who's Who is an example of a Drupal-backed service that can be one component in a Release.

Discussion - All

We discussed the "purview" of the group. In short, all sites on Library servers are to be considered, although repository projects will probably have their own release managed by a different group. We will gather up a list of projects, obligations, etc. as part of the website governance group. Priorities and needs can then be detailed for releases to handle these, as well as future projects.

Next meeting: To be determined (December)

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