Minutes of February 24, 2011 Meeting

Au, Fetzer, J.Gardner (co-chair), Glazer, Gwizdka, Ling, McDonald (recorder), Mullens, Purger (co-chair), Springs, Sterback, Womack
Anderson, Mills

1. Approval of the Agenda


2. Approval of the Minutes

Accepted and approved.

3. Douglass Reference Page Initiative (Eileen Stec)

The discussion was prefaced by the point that the Web Board is interested in hearing about any grass-roots ideas, projects, initiatives that Web Board may be able to collaborate on or provide support for.

Stec briefly noted that they have been working on this for 3 semesters and have taken it to several committees for discussion. She shared a demo page designed in Libguides that had 4 Librarian Meebo chat widgets (with Librarian photos) as well as links to other pages that support Douglass services and units. The page is intended to be shown on Douglass public PC's as the browser(s) home page during reference hours so that users are invited to contact a Librarian (who are not on the reference desk. The reference desk is staffed by graduate assistants due to the low amount of reference traffic). When the page with Meebo widgets is not shown, the usual www.libraries page will be shown.

Several questions were brought up:

The Web Board supports this pilot project and charges that it be developed and supported in a consistent way. We support the idea that it be ready for summer semester.

Sam, Yuhwei, Eileen, and Michelle will meet to work through some more prototypes and bring them back with a plan for Web Board to consider for the second March meeting or early April meeting.

Web Board reiterates that we want to invite guests to present grassroots ideas to the Web Board.

4. Discussion of the "Best-of-Breed" academic library websites (Jacek Gwizdka and Sam McDonald)

With many library sites up in Firefox windows and tabs, Jacek walked us through some sites and pages that had interesting and good elements (the sites were available, in advance, to members via the Sakai wiki). Some of these sites have related papers (shared in Sakai) that compare a given library site to the RU Libraries website. (Web Board members will have to read those between meetings for future discussion.) Jacek shared a rubric (spreadsheet) that might be useful for capturing ideas/reactions to websites. (Jacek will send it to Sam who will try to make a wiki tool out of it.)

The groups discussed many sites and features. Ideas and notes we captured by several members around the table for future discussion. We agreed that a tabbed search box was a best-of-breed component that a redesign will most certainly include. (Sam will create a wiki page to support discussion of search tab interfaces). We also agreed that we need to group/cluster our pages/services in preparation for creating web page interfaces for them.

5. Google Analytics data collection start

Sam was charged to put Google Analytics up for LibGuides and most library web pages and let it run for a couple of weeks so a group can evaluate it and refine the configuration.

6. Current issues

Visual design plans- Purger

A design firm, headed by Roger Black, may be available to us to start us off and give us some constructive feedback in the future.

RUL Faculty/Staff Newsletter- Glazer

The first newsletter was sent out right before the meeting. Harry shared a printout and the web pages 'archive' version was shown as well. This newsletter is an 'opt-in' service. All Librarians and administrators will get to share with their departments etc. and to encourage sign-ups.

Webmaster's Report - McDonald

McDonald gave a quick update of some of the projects that have been completed and are underway since Meeting #1 (November 11).

Ongoing projects (Sam, Yuhwei, & others):

7. Adjournment

Meeting schedule
March 10, afternoon
March 24, morning

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