Minutes of March 10, 2011 Meeting

J. Gardner (co-chair), Glazer, Ling, McDonald (recorder), Mills, Mullen, Purger (co-chair), Sterback, Womack
Anderson, Gwizdka, Springs
G. Thompson

1. Approval of the Agenda


2. Approval of the Minutes

Accepted and approved.

3. Updates

CMS Architecture Team Report (McDonald)

This recently formed team has as it members: Sam McDonald, Dave Hoover, Yuhwei Ling, & Clark Sho Nakagama.

The tasks in brief, are to maintain, manage, and extend the Drupal Core, modules, services, and servers.

In the last two weeks zimbrahelp was migrated to the project server and the development and project server had their Drupal cores and modules updated.

Web Developers Report

Other current Projects


The newsletter was launched February 24. Project managers at Continuing Ed liked it and inquired how we went about implementing. Ling reported back on the Drupal modules and issues that were used and solved. (CE is a Drupal user, so our implementation should be easy for them to emulate).

Statement of need for a new Web Developer

Web Board finds it essential that the position of third web developer be filled as soon as possible so that the August deadline for Release 1.0 can be met.

4. Visual Design Activities

Last week R. Black visited and met with many Web Board members to learn about our redesign needs. The Web Board wants to hire a visual design firm to help with both our look'n'feel and architecture. We expect a reply on how a firm like his can help us. An RFP will be written very soon. We will quickly evaluate the bidders and bring them in to get us started.

5. Redesign scope

"Release 1.0 Notes" (appended) list aspects, services, and types of content and was shared to support a discussion on what was both feasible and important for the first release (these lists also note those types of pages that are not in the first release, e.g. staff resource pages). The scope needs to meet all feasible aspects noted in the Ethnographic Research Project (ERP) reports. The next steps for finalizing the scope for release 1.0 is to write a vision and how the project fulfills the goals and priorities articulated in the Libraries mission, strategic plan, and ERP. The scope document will be finalized and then it will be detailed first as a requirements document, then a specification document, which will be used to create a timeline with a task list. When the specifications document is completed, it will be presented to USC. USC's acceptance marks milestone 1.0

6. Teams and Tasks

"Web Board Technical Teams - Existing and Planned" (attached) was shared. This document lists about a dozen teams that will be tasked to solve issues for the design and architecture of Release 1.0. At the next Web Board meeting team coordinators will share their initial task lists, with definitions, and the due dates for the completion of each task. All technical teams members will be notified. Teams can request more members as needed.

7. Current Issues

Glazer: The newsletter team would like to write an article about some materials in Libguides, but there seem to be some discussions on the best platform for this type of instructional materials. A meeting is set for the 11th to discuss these issues.

Mills: How, with unmediated content creation, (in a CMS like Drupal or LibGuides), can we design policies to avoid a 'hodge-podge' of approaches (visually, grammatically, etc.). This is an important topic that will require more discussion as each content type and editor role is being described. Springs, for the LibGuides Working Group:

The LibGuides Working Group held their first meeting in December 2010. Membership includes the original LibGuides Task Force members of Judy Gardner, Karen Hartman, Michelle Oswell, Anne Watkins, Katie Anderson, and the Libguides Administrator, Gene Springs. Julie Still is sitting in for Katie Anderson while she is on maternity leave. The Working Group discussed several matters, including an update on the implementation of Libguides, and future plans for assessment, archiving, and related policies.

In communicating problems with LibGuides, including broken links, technical issues, typos, etc., it is expected that the guide author(s) be notified and the LibGuides Administrator, Gene Springs, be copied on the communication. Any communication that needs to be disseminated to all LibGuides authors (such as database name changes) can be sent to rulibguides@sakai.rutgers.edu; for non-rulibguides Sakai members, send an email to the LibGuides Administrator.

The LibGuides Working Group will plan to meet within the next month as agenda items are considered. Once the meeting is scheduled and an agenda is set, the announcement will go out to RUL_everyone.

8. Adjournment

Next meeting: Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 10 am; University Librarian's Conference Room


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