Minutes of April 7, 2011 Meeting

Au, J. Gardner (co-chair), Gwizdka, Ling, McDonald (recorder), Mills, Mullen, Purger, Sterback
Anderson, Glazer, Springs

1. Approval of the Agenda


2. Approval of the Minutes

Accepted and approved.

3. Teams and tasks: Updates

Web Developers Report

4. Search apparatus (Gardner, Mullen, Sterback)

Since the last Web Board meeting this team has met a couple of times and has created some initial prototypes to start discussion. They are to indicate intent, and not be exact, final text and labels. Some parts are merely placeholders for desired functionality.

The simple prototypes were made using Visio and are available as PDF's in the Web Board's Sakai site.

It was suggested that this team:

Other issues:

5. Visual design RFP Draft (Purger)

Purger walked the Web Board through an edited proposal from R. Black (shared via SAKAI). The proposal treats the whole project as a complete package breaking it down in various components, deliverables, and estimated timelines (with applied hours). Much of it describes tasks that we have started, and others that we can do ourselves. There are some components that are therefore more valuable to us. What pieces do we select, to what cost, and on what sort of timeline? We need to closely review the phases and the kind and amount of work in each in order to write a detailed RFP.

Clearly, even with outside support, an August 2011 rollout is not feasible. Therefore, January 2012 looks to be the next best opportune time to rollout a website redesign.

As we work on preparing our analysis for the RFP, Purger will consult with others on a budget and manage expectations.

6. Grassroots initiatives: Chat reference (Natalie Borisovets)

Borisovets referred to the original charge from USC, and outlined how the Chat Reference Services Task Force had worked on their evaluation, including: surveying the members of RUL already doing chat references for features that they liked and noting those things they lacked; the history of chat at RUL, and that many products both for a general commercial market, the library market, and general open source were reviewed. The desire to have a chat box figure prominently on the front page because it encourages usage was emphatically expressed. Whether the chat box should be more ubiquitously embedded across the website may depend upon whether support can keep up with usage. (PowerPoint slides from other presentations were shared, and will be uploaded to the Web Board Sakai site in this meeting's folder).

7. Current Issues

IRIS Statement for Councils

The statement was shared via SAKAI to the Web Board. The Web Board approves it as is. Mullen will take it to LRC on behalf of Purger and J. Gardner will take it to USC.

Staff Directory: Departmental Listing

A few meetings back a departmental view of the people data was requested.
Ling demonstrated a page that uses the same data but sorts it by building and department (to provide an alternate browse method to just the strict A-Z). Web Board liked and approved it.

8. Adjournment

Next meeting:
Thursday, April 21, 2011, 2pm-4pm, SCC Seminar Room, Alexander Library
     (Please note the change in location)

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