Minutes of July 7, 2011 Meeting

Anderson, Au, Deodato, J. Gardner (co-chair), Gwizdka, Koruth, Ling, McDonald (recorder), Mills, Mullen, Purger (co-chair), Springs, Sterback, Womack
Boyle, Warwick, Jacek's Guest


  1. Catalog Mobile Application: Proof of Concept (Warwick)
  2. Search Apparatus (Deodato)
  3. Support Pages IA (McDonald)
  4. Visual Design (Purger)
  5. Ongoing Activities
    1. Redesign Site: Updates/Procedures (Ling)
    2. Teams Update

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Welcome to Mary Ann Koruth. New IIS staff: Web Designer.
Introductions from all were made.

1. Catalog Mobile Application: Proof of Concept (Warwick)

Bob summarized the history, issues, possible directions of the application as developed using the attached document.

Rutgers has had some meetings to start coordinating the creation of an RU application. RUL will want to have services available for inclusion in that application.

Jacek: Mobile applications and mobile web sites are different. Applications are executable software (generally limited to a given platform). Mobile web sites work across all small screen devices that come with a browser, thus mobile sites are more universally usable. The partially developed application is good test of an approach to making the Library catalog in a mobile web site using iWebkit. An approach that is device agnostic is appealing and is a little more future-proof. Browsers are reportedly the most popular application on mobile devices.

Next steps: The Mobile Presence Team needs to determine what pages and activities should be part of a catalog application (or mobile web site).

2. Search Apparatus (Deodato)

A discover layers service would be ideal, but since that is not financially feasible, an intermediate approach of having a tabbed, task-oriented interface will give users the resources they need.

Deodata re-iterated the goals and principles as described in "Search Goals, Guidelines, and Specifications" available from http://www4.libraries.rutgers.edu/redesign/search-team

The Search Team is looking to bring in users, per proper IRB protocols, to test the search tab prototype. They are determining how far they should develop the prototypes before starting testing.

The Team will need to recommend a version to be released to the designers, although it and other prototypes can continue with user testing.

There is general consensus that having the search tabs immediately available on most web pages as being desirable.

So the next steps are:
1) Search team provides a version for the designers
2) The team proceeds with usability testing
3) The search team works on a modular implementation (so pieces are easily extended)

3. Support Pages IA (McDonald)

Tabled until next meeting.

4. Visual Design (Purger)

In summation, the Dewey version is our preferred version with its simple white banner, simple horizontal toolbar, having space in banner above toolbar for links such as for hours, login etc. (the footer not yet developed). The 2nd level "landing page" for Dewey has an initial design proposal started as well. We are unsure how the 2nd level page design, when finished, will be extended to other sites like LibGuides.

Some Web Board comments and observations on the Dewey designs:

5. Ongoing Activities

Teams Update

Search Team: actively meeting. see #2 above for tasks and report.

Instruction and Help Team:

Members: Au, Deodata, McDonald, Nathanson, Lo
This team needs to consolidate and organize the help content of the site and advice how links to it will be placed on the site that is contextually relevant/useful.

Information Architecture Team: Purger to talk to Womack to ask that the team prepare outlines etc. for designers.

DIG: Working on Searchlight.

Google Analytics: First meeting tomorrow. One goal is to figure out what data is useful, and in what form, to RUL.

LibGuides: 3 issues:
1) IRIS -> Libguides
2) Style consistency
3) Review/finish header and footer

Mobile Presence Team: As reported in #1.

Web farm: Developing hardware infrastructure.

Access and Authentication Team: Some breakthroughs in Shibboleth..net yet for production. LDAP/NetID authentication plan outlined.

Blogs Team: Full-production pending LDAP/NetID authentication. However, it is in production and early adopters can still request to use it.

CMS Architecture Team: Upgrading Drupal cores and modules. Planning upgrades.

Website Governance Team: Has not yet finalized. The documents are to support not redesign, but on-going care and feeding of the website after it is launched. So this team has its members reallocated to more active teams.

See Website Redesign: Teams

Redesign Site: Updates/Procedures (Ling)

Next Meeting:
Thursday, July 28
University Librarian's Conference Room, Archibald S. Alexander Library


Rutgers Library Catalog: Mobile

This past spring semester Antonio Barrera, a SCI student doing an independent study under the direction of Professor Jacek Gwizdka and with frequent consultation with IIS staff members Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick, developed a mobile devices interface to three Rutgers Library Catalog page types as a proof of concept for mobile access to our catalog. Antonio developed mobile versions of the Basic Search, Search Results Hitlist, and Individual Record Display pages. Because of the amount of time this development effort took, additional page types were not developed during this independent study. This project demonstrated that a mobile devices interface to the library catalog can work successfully. However, additional decisions and development need to be made before a mobile interface to the library catalog can be released for general use.

SirsiDynix mobile development

SirsiDynix, our library catalog vendor, currently offers a mobile interface to its customer's library catalog called BookMyne, available from the Apple App Store. It offers access from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to catalogs that have installed SirsiDynix's Web Services. The interface is not customizable and currently only works with Apple devices. Rutgers is currently not using Bookmyne because we have not been tasked to do it.

Development software

Antonio used the iWebKit software for his development work because he already had the software and was familiar with its use. Should we decide to move forward with developing a mobile interface we need to select an appropriate software package and ensure that appropriate staff is trained in its use. We may select iWebKit or another package; there may already be an acceptable software package in use elsewhere at the university; we may decide that multiple staff members will be trained in whatever package we choose.

Library catalog pages

While Antonio developed an interface to three of the library catalog page types, these are not sufficient for mobile access to our catalog. An appropriate group needs to decide the minimum set of traditional library catalog pages that needs to have mobile versions implemented before mobile access can be released for general use. Many traditional pages will not need mobile versions but we definitely need more than the three demonstration page types that Antonio developed during his independent study; they are not sufficient in and of themselves.

Style / design issues

Once the set of page types is decided, style and design decisions for each of those page types need to integrate with the main website's new design. How will the pages be presented; how will the elements be arranged; what makes most sense in terms of the available real estate; what colors/banners/logos will or will not be used.

Traditional catalog interface pages

To begin the discussion of which page types are appropriate for a mobile interface to our library catalog, a basic list of the pages that we currently have in our traditional interface follows. Many of these pages are not appropriate for a mobile interface; some are definitely required; others are optional and may or may not have mobile versions developed.

The three page types in italics are the ones that Antonio coded in his project.

Basic Search
Search Index [choice from among 12 indexes; some Browse, some Keyword]
Library [choice from among 25 options]
Other Searches [link to Advanced Search, Call Number Search]

Search Results [following Keyword search]
Permalink [create permalink for this page]
Mark Item [add this item to your 'Marked Items' list]
Limit these results to [varying choice of subject categories] Try these too [choice of other related search terms]

Search Again [Basic Search data and additional search limiters]

X-Refs [catalog lookup by cross references]

Browse Results [following a failed Keyword Search]

Browse Results [following the selection of a Browse index search]

Individual Record Change Display [offers six display change options]
Mark [add this item to your 'Marked Items' list]

Book Delivery / Recall
Rutgers Delivery Service [link to an outside library web page]

Book Special Request

Article Delivery [link to an outside library web page]

Report Error

Help [context sensitive help on each page; link to an outside LibGuide]

Marked Items [six options for handling items in your 'Marked items' list]

Advanced Search [grid of six search boxes and eight search limiters]

Call Number Search [Browse search; includes three search limiters]

Call Number Browse Results

Call Number Browse Record View

Lookup Items on Reserve [three options: instructor, course, course number]
Reserve Search Results [six different pages depending on search and results]

My Account [seven options]
Checkouts, Catalog Requests, and Bills [to login page]
E-ZBorrow Requests [link to an outside library web page]
Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Requests [link to an outside library web page]
Media Bookings [to login page]
Renew Checkouts [to login page]
Register a Barcode or Get a PIN [link to an outside library web page]
Change PIN

Login Failure

E-ZBorrow [link to an outside library web page]

Interlibrary Loan [link to an outside library web page]

Ask A Librarian / FAQ [link to an outside library web page]

User Guide [link to an outside LibGuide]

Exit [goes to an outside library web page]

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