Minutes of February 7, 2012 Meeting

Au, Boyle, Fetzer, J. Gardner, Ling, McDonald, Mills, Purger, Sterback
Anderson, Deodato, Koruth, Mullen, Springs

1. Regular schedule (J. Gardner)

J. Gardner & T. Purger will contact members via the WB Sakai site to find a good regular, repeating, meeting day.

2. Team reports

Information Architecture (McDonald)

The IA team has met 6 times since Aug 25 (Sept 9, Oct 26, Nov 11, Dec 2, 16, & Feb 1). From an existing site index, we made sure that all content had a logical place in the new site index/wireframes (or was deliberately removed, merged, relabeled). We will be transitioning our focus to work on "Help"; that is, how do I's, FAQ's and context sensitive help. For the next Web Board meeting we will have an update on help, as well as having a site map, well-defined menus, content types and some wire frames.

Search (J. Gardner)

The team is preparing for some simple usability testing for the tabbed search widget involving 10 participants. The testing will occur over 2 days and will be done by March 1. Participants will be tested on the most simple and most complex of the prototypes. Deodato wrote the test script which is designed to gather both impressions as well as test some tasks. Participants will receive a Knight Express card with a nominal value. Some team members have received IRB certification and others will receive theirs soon.

Google Analytics (Boyle)

Recently some web usage reports were generated upon request. Web Board needs to research what kinds of reports would be useful (and in what form) for the organization, so that we can create a solution that allow for sharing, distribution, etc. of these reports on a regular basis.

One of the next steps would be to use Google Analytics for tracking views and paths used for, the index/database description pages. This is pending a new server that can run Drupal 6 and deliver the indexes at the same path they are now.

The quantitative data from Google Analytics should suggest research questions that can be examined better by gathering qualitative data. We wish to study the observable patterns to understand what drives those behaviors so we can improve the website (to make shorter paths etc.). Google Analytics can tell us how users enter the website, the paths they take, how long they spend on a page or pages etc., but not why they selected those paths etc.

IIS Web Team report (McDonald)

Since August 25, the web team has released: RefChatter (and Douglass chat), mobile web pages, a Drupal-driven staff directory, the NJ Railroads exhibit, and the Scarlet Latte pages. Other notable tasks include: decommissioning the old research guides (as replaced by LibGuides), adding a new category for Indexes & Databases: General and Multidisciplinary: Video and Audio; migrating Wilson to EBSCO products; some headway on microforms (a ColdFusion to Drupal project).

Some of the ongoing and upcoming projects include: new Searchlight interface(with DIG); blogs (pending policy, manual); adding new fields and self-service editing of those fields to staff directory entries; adding PC availability to the mobile services; ChinaBoom; RU Reflects; and working on services for the redesign like hours, maps, web forms, etc.

CMS Architecture (McDonald)

Since August 25, the CMS Architecture has met twice. Our primary tasks now are to maintain the Drupal cores and modules to have current releases and to plan rollouts of future Drupal sites. Recently SSL and LDAP were deployed to support NetID sign-on for Drupal projects like blogs, staff directories, newsletters, etc. We will be deploying SSL on all development and production sites, and applying LDAP where appropriate (e.g. zimbra-help, NJEDL).

3. Current updates

Mobile (Ling)

The m.libraries.rutgers.edu mobile site went live November 30, 2011. Since then, the proxy pages have been reworked to be more mobile friendly and the hours are being delivered from a Drupal- managed source. Upcoming features are: PC Availability, alerts (snow days etc.), adding a list of mobile-ready databases, and looking to expand the mobile catalog-related services. OIT will probably be releasing their app in March. The Libraries will be one of about 14 icons on the main page upon release.

Online database security (Purger)

Occasionally for our online products, our vendors note events of excessive usage, usually from stolen NetID passwords, but occasionally from over-exuberant-script-driven (fair use) research. We need to review and clarify our policies, communications, and procedures. Policies will come from the License Librarian (Pilch) and from Boyle, communications (based on policy) can be embedded in relevant pages in the redesign, and processes for reporting to, and handling by, IIS will be clarified by Purger.

Cooperation with DIG and LCC

The Web Board would like to formalize communications with DIG and LCC for coordination of design and logistical considerations. Initially Deodato, being a member of all 3 groups, can serve a communications conduit. Purger, Gardner, and Fetzer will discuss and sort this out before next meeting.

4. Project schedule for 2012 (Purger)

We have reconnected with the design studio and will be able to go forward with a new PO and clarification of tasks to be done, milestones to meet etc. At the next meeting Purger will present a project schedule.

5. Governance documents, 2nd draft (Sterback)

Web Board members should review the draft Website Governance document and send comments to Sterback. Recently an assessment section was added. This section will reviewed and revised shortly. The "Roles and Responsibilities" section was revised to be more general. Along with the Assessment section, the Reporting section will be further developed. Purger will bring the governance documents to USC after the new sections have been included, reviewed, and approved by Web Board.

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