Minutes of May 22, 2013 Meeting

Au, Deodato, Fetzer, J Gardner, Koruth, Ling, McDonald, Purger, Mullen, Sterback, Anderson, R Gardner, McDonald, Glazer, Just
Lotts, Mills, Agnew, Boyle, Barnett
Robert Cupryk, Yingting Zhang, Yini Zhu, Y Lin, Fenghzi Fan, Natalie Wadley
Mary Ann Koruth


  1. Board approval of new website
  2. Release Plan
  3. Content Responsibilities
  4. Library Integration Task
  5. Miscellaneous

Purger introduces guests from Robert Wood Johnson and Smith Libraries.

1. Board approval of new website (Purger)

The new website's final design is presented. One significant change from previous version is that the main red menu bar is raised to the top of the banner. This was done to minimize the possibility of the drop down menus overlapping and blocking the search tabs. It is also provides a much needed visual anchor for the page. Question is raised as to what design process will occur for mobile sites and mobile integration.

Decision: Mobile Integration meetings will begin shortly.

2. Release Plan (Purger)

Middle of the week launch is safest option, because it provides time for fixes and troubleshooting should problems arise.

Decision: Go Live on Wed 26th June. RULweb email id will be available for web board and Health Sciences users to send in comments and questions about the website.

a) Glazer asks about what can be done to highlight the website's release in September, when students return. Depending on the budget available, highlighters and business cards for librarians could be released. Purger says that July and August will see several refinements being made to the site; these could be highlighted on the website.

3. Content Responsibilities

Purger advises the board that a team representing the Web Board will be travelling to Camden on May 31 to meet with Gary Golden and his team to determine the structure of the Robeson Library home page. Individual library home page for Dana is revealed.

Decision: FAQs should be updated to reflect the fact that certain sub audiences will see Camden Library homepage and UMDNJ homepages when in their facilities / buildings.

4. Library Integration Tasks

  1. There is discussion on how the Health Sciences libraries will be shown on the website.
  2. Just explains that chat will be offered for Health Sciences users in the January timeline. The Refchatter license has a channel that can be used for this.
  3. Phone numbers: Health Sciences libraries have individual numbers; there is no centralized number for them. This is an open issue since the footer of the homepage and the AAL offer numbers for the three Rutgers campuses but not the Health Sciences. Purger considers creating a separate category for Health Sciences. Just emphasizes the importance of letting users access the Health Sciences libraries easily and transparently.
  4. Au asks if Health Sciences colleagues will be included in our staff pages. Purger says they will.
  5. Just recommends that the About menu should include information about the Health Sciences libraries.
  6. Wadley and her colleagues at RWJ demonstrate the development of the Health Sciences pages so far. Styles and templates will be further unified to correspond to the redesigned site.
  7. RWJ question: How will the catalog be changed, and what will the new URL be for the catalog? Sterback says that graphic and CSS style changes will be made to the catalog to match the redesign. Purger recommends that the URL discussion could be taken offline.

Decisions: Links to Health Sciences Libraries will be placed in Places & Spaces menu and in the Libraries & Centers pages. Styles and templates for health sciences will be further refined to match redesigned site.

5. Miscellaneous

a) Deodato asks whether we will conduct any usability testing on the site. Purger says it will be possible only after July 1st; dates and schedules will be decided at next Web Board. Meanwhile, changes based on real and verified user feedback is always possible. Twice a year, if possible, major interface changes should occur.

Decision: Just says that recommendations be made to the Web Board on a timeline for usability testing, following which we should proceed with it.

Meeting was concluded at 12 noon.

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