Minutes of July 30, 2013 Meeting

Tibor Purger (co-chair), Joseph Deodato (co-chair), Vibiana Cvetkovic (via teleconference), Laura Mullen, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Just, Megan Lotts, Sam McDonald, Natalie Wadley, Ka-Neng Au, Christopher Sterback, Chad Mills, Mary Ann Koruth, Jeanne Boyle, Marty Barnett, Harry Glazer, Yuhwei Ling (recorder)


  1. Web Board co-chair and membership update
  2. Feedback on new website and potential quick changes
  3. Planning the next phases of site development and further integration
  4. Site governance, authorizations, and training

1. Web Board co-chair and membership update (Just)

Just announces that Judy Gardner's term as co-chair has ended and will be stepping down as a member of the Web Board. Deodato has been nominated to succeed J.Gardner as Web Board co-chair. The Web Board expresses gratitude to J.Gardner for her service and contributions to the website. Cvetkovic will be sitting in for Anderson, who is on sabbatical.

2. Feedback on new website and potential quick changes (Deodato, Ling)

Deodato gave a summary on the feedback received since the redesigned website launch. Based on the feedback, Ling shows the proposed changes that were made on the dev site for approval. They include:

Other notable feedback include the content section of the front page being too "cluttered" and difficulty viewing the site on mobile devices. Boyle also mentions that only collections are being featured on the front page and we should be featuring library services more prominently.

Mullen mentions that that comments have also been received from the Ask-A-Librarian chat service and suggests that the "Indexes and Databases" link wording changed back to its original based on Search Team discussions and feedback. It is also suggested that all changes regarding the search tabs be forwarded back to the Search Team for further discussion and decisions. Just states that the Web Board should support the Search Team, their findings, and they should be the ones carrying out the changes based on feedback.

Wadley suggests adding the phone numbers for the Health Science Libraries in the Ask-a-Librarian block as well as the footer.

In response to some feedback where users had difficulty finding the A-Z database listings, Boyle mentions that the problem could be that users don't see the A-Z listing on the page because it might appear beneath the fold on some devices with small screens (netbooks, mobile devices, etc.).


3. Planning the next phases of site development and further integration (McDonald)

McDonald shared the list of tasks to be carried out by the IIS Web Team to be done by mid-August and by January 2014.

Tasks include updating Drupal modules, continuing work to get secondary sites consistent with the website design, initial training sessions for some content owners, "polishing" site content/layout, and planning for integration of the Health Sciences' websites.

Wadley suggests that some of the miscellaneous sites, such as HealthNJ, might be a good start to move content over. It was also noted that some items might still have licensing restrictions tied to health science resources that might affect the transition.


IIS Web Team will work through the tasks mentioned and work with Wadley (and related Health Sciences library staff) to integrate the Health Sciences content.

4. Site governance, authorizations, and training (Sterback, McDonald)

Sterback reports that an updated draft of the site governance document is available for review on the Sakai site. Two components are introduced, one is the actual policy document and the other is a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) chart appendix. The policy document will be presented to USC for final approval after Web Board approval. The RACI chart will show the responsible parties for contact for various areas of the site.

McDonald shows the RACI chart in more detail and explains that there is information missing for certain areas. Web Board members are encouraged to read through both the policy document and RACI chart for comment and approval in an upcoming Web Board meeting.

Key players for training will be identified and contacted as more of the RACI chart gets filled out.

Koruth introduces the spotlight ideas and images submission form to solicit content from the library community. Questions about using photos from the libraries' social media presence on Facebook and Instagram were raised, particularly to their permissions. Glazer says that the images on Instagram and Facebook all have written permission from the subjects. Purger suggests some integration of Instagram pictures as spotlights content.

Cvetkovic mentions that the social media use policy should be included with the Governance policy document.


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