Minutes of December 5, 2013 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Vibiana Cvetkovic, Joseph Deodato (Co-Chair), Rebecca Gardner, Mary Ann Koruth, Yuhwei Ling, Megan Lotts, Sam McDonald, Laura Mullen, Tibor Purger (Co-Chair), Chris Sterback, Natalie Wadley
Jeanne Boyle, John Gibson


  1. Activity report (McDonald and others)
    • Overall
    • Website feedback since rollout
    • Grassroots initiative (Instagram)
  2. Integration status (Wadley, Cvetkovic)
  3. Next-phase plans (Purger)
  4. Governance document (Sterback)
  5. Discovery layer implications (Deodato)
  6. Miscellaneous

1. A. Activity report, Overall (McDonald and others)

1. B. Activity report, Website feedback since rollout (Deodato)

A supporting document "Website Feedback since Redesign " (attached as Appendix A), was explained. This overview discussed both Counting Opinions feedback as well as user comments submitted from the website. Web Board agreed that we need to expand our assessment by looking at doing focus groups, interviews etc. Web board expressed a desire that a usability lab be created and made available to us.


1. C. Activity report, Grassroots initiative (Instagram) (Lotts)

This report was primarily supported by a PowerPoint presentation (See Appendix B). In brief, this project is to source photos of our libraries from Instagram as submitted by our users (for spotlights, etc.). The presentation covers other libraries' successes and also describes what sort of decisions we need to finalize before we can launch our own version. Some areas we need to consider are copyright policies, image suitability, workflow, and technical implementation issues. M. Lotts will develop a project plan after consulting with local copyright experts etc. The goal is to see if we can have a project plan completed in February.

2. Integration status (Wadley, Cvetkovic)

Health Sciences pages, including the shared pages, RWJ, Smith, & History of Medicine pages (Wadley)

Robeson Pages (Cvetkovic)

3. Next-phase plans (Purger)

Purger: Some of the reports we've heard today already dealt with a number of components for the next phase. During the rest of the 2013- 14 school year, the IIS Web Team plans to complete the migration of remaining sections and satellite sites to Drupal and to establish the platform for a new RUL Intranet. Integration of Health Sciences sites will be completed, and their sites will be ported to IIS servers. Development versions of existing site will be established or re-established in a virtualized server environment. Enhancements to mobile sites/apps are also being planned following the migration of the SirsiDynix Symphony ILS system to the new Linux servers and the deployment of its Web Services API.

4. Governance document (Sterback)

Topic change to be 'page ownership' rather than the primary governance document.
Purger: One of the objectives in deploying a content management system (CMS) was to empower all faculty and staff members whose responsibilities include ownership of a certain section, subtree, or page on the website to be able to perform those tasks directly, without having to ask the Webmaster. Several faculty members have already taken on this responsibility: Au, Gardner, Just, Lotts, the group in Camden, the Health Sciences sites' owners, and others. The WB needs a fuller list from Just and the USC to broaden this circle. Designated faculty and staff will receive appropriate training and ongoing support with page development beyond the currently available templates.

Tasks: The Governance Team will prepare a final draft of the governance document.

5. Discovery layer implications (Deodato)

The current phase of implementation is configuration. The conclusion of phase 1 will have the current article in the search tabs change to the new discovery layer. Phase 2 will include more configuration, training, and evaluation, and will culminate with the integration of EDS into VuFind.

Tasks: The Search Team will develop specifications for the implementation of the article search tab. Cvetkovic/Anderson and Gibson have been invited to sit in with the search team. Deodato will share a detailed project timeline when available.

6. Miscellaneous

Boyle: The MINES survey is coming and will need some integration into the website.

Appendix A: Activity report, Website feedback since rollout

Appendix B: Homegrown Crowdsourcing at RUL

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