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The Web Services Working Group is responsible for the architecture and technical development of the web site and web services for the Rutgers University Libraries. The Working Group is co-chaired by the Digital Library Architect and Head of Systems and reports to the Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems.


The libraries' websites are the virtual presence and primary vehicle for information services for the Rutgers University Libraries. The RUL web presence serves the faculty, students and staff of Rutgers University and also serves the administration, faculty and staff of the Rutgers University Libraries to organize and access the information services and resources needed to conduct RUL business, such as department and committee pages, minutes, etc. and also provides the web based tools (room booking, conference registration, calendars, etc.) that are critical for managing RUL workflow and business processes in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, RUL is investigating the implementation of an open, interactive library system to provide more responsive and flexible access to the libraries' catalog and information resources, which will make the libraries integrated library system and general web presence integrated and transparent to RUL users. The RUL website is the responsibility of many parties, with content and services primarily determined by the public and collection services divisions of the libraries through the Councils and their committees, particularly the Web Advisory Committee and IPAC. The Web Services Working Group is designed to provide the technical architecture and services needed to meet the content and service needs of the Rutgers University Libraries, as articulated by the Councils and relevant committees and to formalize development practices so that a mature and capable digital infrastructure platform that is responsive to public and collection services and that provides an integrated, transparent presence for all web-based information and services can be expeditiously developed.



The Web Services Working Group will develop at least two web services versions annually, featuring implementation and upgrades to the web architecture and platform as well as services requested and approved by RUL stakeholders.

The Web Services Working Group will develop and deliver the infrastructure and services specified in the web services versions according to the published version timetable.

The Web Services Working Group will maintain a web site documenting the versions and providing a test bed presence and will record and post minutes, and will report periodically to stakeholders, to insure continuous and effective communication within RUL.

Last updated October 2007
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