Minutes for September 5, 2007 Meeting

Shaun Ellis; Ron Jantz, co-chair; Choong Liew; Sam McDonald; Chad Mills; Ann Montanaro, co-chair.

The committee charge from Grace Agnew was reviewed and there was discussion about the responsibilities and the relationship of the members to Software Architecture and the programmers' team.

A goal of the Web Services WG is to begin working on new infrastructure technology while maintaining the current look and content of the web pages. The Drupal content management system has been installed on Harvest, a server in the SCC. The initial work of the group will be to establish databases to support the indexes, research guides, and a personnel directory. Sam, as application administrator of Drupal, will set up logins for work group members. Choong will be the lead on the indexes and Sam will work on the research guides. Ann will begin working on requirements for the directory. Shaun and Chad will develop a way to present and store requirements for web service applications. Once initial work has been completed, and there is content to demonstrate, it will be reviewed with Public Services Council and Collection Development Council. A detailed release schedule will be prepared and reviewed at a future meeting.

Ongoing web page updates and issues are being addressed concurrently with the implementation of Drupal. Choong is replacing the IRIS front page quick search JavaScript with PERL, the new identity standards are being addressed, and content is being moved from the NBL server.

All SCC Cold Fusion bibliographic databases have been migrated to version 7. They are web accessible databases that will not be added to the repository and will eventually need a migration path.

Ann and Ron will schedule a meeting with Valeda to discuss web services and evaluation.

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