Minutes for October 10, 2007 Meeting

Shaun Ellis; Ron Jantz, co-chair; Choong Liew; Sam McDonald; Chad Mills; Ann Montanaro, co-chair; Li Sun

1. Chad presented the document he and Shaun prepared, "Requirements Tracking Tool/Software Development Management Tool" and there was discussion about how it could be implemented. Chad and Shaun will investigate whether or not it can in Drupal and/or look for other open source software. The content will be managed by project managers and users. Some parts of the tracking tool will be public and other parts will be restricted.

2. Drupal was originally installed on Harvest but a new installation is now on another server at the SCC. If there are problems with it, no production work will be jeopardized. Choong will issue new passwords.

3. Sam is currently investigating the Drupal Sign-up module and will prototype it. If Sign-up meets requirements, it could be a part of a complete registration system to be implemented later.

4. Ron presented an overview of how the Drupal people directory, indexes and databases, and research guides could work together dynamically to create pages and populate core fields of the guides. Choong is investigating whether Drupal can do this or whether additional applications are needed.

5. A presentation will be prepared for the Councils. The first will be TSC on Thursday, November 1. Ann will prepare a PowerPoint framework for the discussion. Sam, Chong, and Ann will discuss work in progress on Sign-up, dynamic stub building for subject research guides, editable research guides, and the people directory. The slides should be reviewed by committee members during the week of October 22 so that they can be finalized at the next meeting.

6. Web Services is working on the underlying structure of the web pages. WAC is focusing on content, style, displays, and labels.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 31 at 2:00 p.m. in the SCC Seminar Room.

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