Minutes for February 18, 2008 Meeting

Shaun Ellis; Ron Jantz, conducting; Choong Liew; Sam McDonald; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Li Sun
Grace Agnew, Chad Mills, Mary Page

1. A demonstration will be scheduled on March 20 to show how Drupal will be used to manage Indexes and Databases on the web pages. Ron will check with Bob Sewell to see if it can be held at the end of CDC.

2. Choong showed committee members the work he has done with Indexes an Databases adding links to the new People database. Some of the labels have to be changed to reflect accurate terminology.

3. Sam will prepare an outline and script and will lead the discussion at the demonstration. He will describe how Drupal changes the workflow, showing the subject thesaurus, how a new database is added, the entry and maintenance of People database records, and how research guides are created and edited. He will also show which of the functions are performed by the administrator and which can be done by a librarian or individual responsible for maintaining a page.

4. Sam and Choong will investigate whether searching can search both standard terms as well as terms used in the description. And, if they can both be searched, whether standard terms can be weighted. when returning results.

5. The resource record can be flagging the resource as public or private/restricted to RUL. That will facilitate sorting and the preparation of other lists.

6. Work yet to be done includes the redefining of subjects with hierarchies and LDAP authentication. (LDAP authentication is needed for personal updating of the People database pages and editing research guides.)

7. For the next meeting Sam will prepare a list of factors that need to be resolved before Drupal can be implemented. The goal is to have the Indexes and Databases and People database ready by fall semester.

8. Drupal 6 is out but it will not be used until the community does further testing.

9. Shaun has been using the Drupal Project Module and recommends using it for the Software Tracking implementation.

10. Li distributed a chart showing the elements of the recently completed NISO metadata scheme and she is going to catalog some databases to test the metadata.

The Web Services group meets on the third Monday at 1:30. The March 17th meeting will be in the Heyer Room.

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