Minutes for April 21, 2008 Meeting

James Hartstein, Ron Jantz, Choong Hoong Liew, Sam McDonald, Chad Mills, Li Sun
Grace Agnew, Shaun Ellis, Laura Mullen, Mary Page

1) Report: Drupal Updates / Status (Sam, Choong)

The Indexes and databases fields have all been defined and are working. The display templates will be available soon.

2) Discussion: Drupal Release Plans (Sam, all)

Sam distributed a timeline that projects thoguhts for the next 5 releases:

The first, "Late-Summer Release" - Mid-August 2008, was discussed.

Subject lists: Discussion of how to get the the subject list and categorization in a timely fashion. Sam is working with Laura Mullens and the "Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams" to develope these lists.

Servers: We discussed the need to bring in Dave soon to discuss the server needs and approach to rollout. Ron will invite Dave to the next meeting.

Testing: This first iteration will have few moving parts since it will primarily just display a database description. Conservatively speaking, if teh first few work, then they should all work. Given that, and that there only a few hundred, all can be looked at, probably with the help of WAC. Since they are just a display, complicated procedures for checking for exceptions is not necessary.

Roll-out time: It was noted that since this wil be rolled out near the start of the fall semester, it is important to keep Librarians who do BI's aware of the changes. Content and look will be cloned rather than redesigned, so the changes will probably have little impact on BI's.

3) Update: LibX plugin (Choong)

Choong updated us on the progress. Mei Ling and Choong are going to meet with Valeda Dent to discuss rollout etc. It will be initially linked to from a news story. Future linsk, labels etc. have not yet been determined.

4) Update: Zotero (Shaun)

A translator has been written for IRIS and submitted to Zotero. Not yet available.

5) Update: Drupal for Project Management Updates (Shaun, Chad)

Choong said that he would add MEMdb. Chad will work with other programmers to stimulate use.

6) Start the discussion on using Bookroom for SCC facilities usage statistics (James, Shaun)

Statistics are derived from XML files created by Bookroom. James is going to look into creating a program that can integrate with BookRoom and be able to generate stats for all rooms in BookRoom (rather than just SCC rooms).

7) Discussion: Document Management using Drupal (Shaun, Sam)

Shaun and Sam is backlogged with projects, but teh plan is generate a proposal including requirements, specifications, and possible solutions and then have L. Mullens review it before sharing it farther.

8) Report: Expanding Google Search to include RUCore and SCC main websites (Sam)

The RUL site search using Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) can be extended to search the primary SCC webserver as well as RuCore (not the repository itself, but teh help files etc.). Sam will set the CSE up and Chad will follow through to make sure that RuCore is open for crawling by Google.

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