Minutes for July 21, 2008 Meeting

Jantz, Hoover, Liew, McDonald, Mills, Nakagama, Sun, Triggs
Agnew, Mullens
Ellis, Hartstein


  1. Drupal status and demo
  2. Review of progress on Harvest migration to Reaper64
  3. Status of event display

The agenda was revised to exclude #3, due the absence of Hartstein.
A Drupal demo was shown in IHL after the primary meeting was finished in the Heyer room.

I) Drupal status and demo

A) Timeline (Sam)

The committee stepped through the timeline (see appended, below).
It lacks specific dates for the production server to be worked on, but it does have a clear launch date.
The timeline for preparation of the staging and production server is in the hands of Hoover as he sees best.

1) WAC (Sam)

2) Accomplishments (Choong)

  1. Clean urls
  2. Static mock pages section
    URL: http://drupal-____.scc-net.rutgers.edu/whatever/
  3. Deleted testing area
  4. Created a test user that do not have admin privileges
  5. Replaced the drupal favicon with Rutgers'
  6. Modified the left, top and bottom menu to match the current RUL web design
  7. Modified the css, font size, color
  8. Rearranged fields such as "variant title, Collection Help" in the database detail description page
  9. Fixed weird characters
  10. Modified the subject categories by changing
      - Medicine to Health Science, - Science, Technology and Math to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - Split Social Sciences and Law to 2 categories --- 1. Social Sciences and 2. Law
  11. Created a referrer menu by subject in the subject pages - auto split the entire subject to 2 columns

3) Outstanding Issues (Sam)

A list of thing-to-do yet as well as list of things that will probably not be converted were discussed.
None of the problematic items are critical or show-stoppers.

4) Drupal demo pushed to be after agenda item II.

II. Review of progress on Harvest migration to Reaper64

The action items and decisions for this portion of the meeting are primarily captured in the spreadsheet that will be updated by Choong. As a rule, each project was taken in turn and assignments, problems, 'hold-ups', etc. were discussed. Most projects have someone detailed to address them (though in some cases an SCC student worker will be assigned tasks in the Fall semester).

I. (part 2) Drupal Demo in IHL


Week of July 21 - 25
  Mon, July 21
   - WAC; Web Services Meeting

  Wed, July 23
   - Choong delivers preliminary readme and Drupal files for 
      initial installation to staging server
Week of July 28 - Aug 1
   - WAC testing
   - more work by Sam and Choong
Week of Aug 4 - 8
   - WAC testing
   - more work by Sam and Choong
Week of Aug 11 - 15
  Mon, Aug 11
   - WAC

  Thurs, Aug 14
   - Full delivery of drupal from Choong to Dave for Staging server
Week of Aug 18 - 22
  Mon, Aug 18
   - Web Services Meeting

  Tues, Aug 19 
   - Staging server prepared
   - Ready for sanity testing and release to RUL_Everyone
Week of Aug 25 - 29
  Tues, Aug 26
   - Launch! 
Labor Day Weekend

(in order of importance)

  1. URL (blue connect button) connects
  2. Is properly marked restricted/not restricted
  3. Properly has 'for help using these indexes'
  4. Plugins look ok (some may erroneously have Adobe set as default)
  5. Funder missing (NJKI, Vale, JerseyClicks)
  6. Copy/paste errors (missing initial or trailing characters)


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