Minutes for September 15, 2008 Meeting

Ellis, Jantz, Hartstein, Hoover, Liew, McDonald, Mills, Sun, Triggs


  1. Drupal Rollout Status
  2. Announcement/Discussion: New forthcoming committee: "Library Who's Who Design Group"
  3. Discussion: Components/deliverables for next Drupal release
  4. Quick update on migration to Reaper64
  5. LibX toolbar update

Agenda was re-ordered.

Quick update on migration to Reaper64

The discussion used a spreadsheet to discuss projects and inquire how they were progressing. The core notes for this discussion are captured by Jantz and Liew's notes in their spreadsheets.

Past Masters needs some navigation, help, and an about page. Jeffery will set up a 1 hour meeting to agree on the steps needed to finish this off.

Bogart - Ron will need to talk to Tom to decide next steps.

Vertigo - Ron will talk to MJ about next steps.

CETH - Ron and Jeffery will review the web pages to decide what to save and where to put the useful content.

Chad reported on the set-up of the Drupal module: Project Management. It is in development and should be ready for a demo at the next meeting. Chad asked, "do we want to put decommissioned projects in (for institutional memory)(to remember how and where we archived them).

Drupal Rollout Status

Choong sent last delivery package to Dave on Friday, September 12.
Choong handed out a list of features and tasks done:

Front End

  1. A to Z list and individual database description are generated dynamically with Drupal as the Content Management System, and Mysql as the backend database.
  2. Drupal template was built to look similar to RUL web site.
  3. Indexes and databases application are now compatible with databases with static and dynamic content.
  4. Some fields in database description were reordered by WAC.
  5. Some field names were renamed according to suggestion from WAC.
  6. Variant titles (if shown), are in the format of title1, title2, title4,
  7. Display Super and Sub collections in alphabetical order.
  8. Utilized clean URL feature provided by Drupal for web address.
  9. Proxy check was enabled.
  10. European character set issue was fixed.
  11. Database name appeared in the title of web page, for example: Academic Search Premier (Rutgers University Libraries), PubMed (Rutgers University Libraries)

Back End

  1. All Subjects and Subjects Group were properly categorized.
  2. Changes (from the category level) in the subjects or subject group will affect all related/tagged databases.
  3. Web interface for users to perform data entry were created.
  4. A rich text editor called TinyMCE was used to provide a Microsoft word type of environment making the data entry process more users friendly.
  5. Content/descriptions for databases were entered.
  6. Queries for retrieving different type of data were created.
  7. Drupal were upgraded to version 5.10.

Features of Indexes and Databases (using Drupal) in next release, late Fall 2008

  1. Create funder link.
  2. Create funder icon.
  3. Include alternate titles in A-Z list dynamically.
  4. Create hyper link for plugin field.
  5. Provide similar display format for Plugin field as the Variant Title field.
  6. Security patches.

Dave reported that a new PHP/MySQL environment need to be set up to run Drupal on the current web server. After he sets it up he woudl liek to let it run for about a week for testing to see if any secondary issues appear.

Announcement/Discussion: New forthcoming committee: "Library Who's Who Design Group"

The background and prupose fo this group and how it relates to Web services was discussed.

Discussion: Components/deliverables for next Drupal release

LibX toolbar update

September 2008The Firefox edition of the Toolbar will be available on all the computers in the New Brunswick computer labs.
September 2008An article on the Toolbar will be available in the Daily Targum.
September 2008 - April 2009Marketing materials such as flyers about the Toolbar will be distributed to the students who use the computer labs at New Brunswick. The marketing materials will also be available at the reference desks throughout all three campuses.
September 2008All the librarians who deliver library instructions will be encouraged to include the Toolbar in their classes. Handouts on the Toolbar will be available for their students.
October 2008Advertisements will be placed in social networking web sites.
October 2008An email related to the Toolbar will be sent to the Rutgers employees by the "Human Resources Weekly Digest".
December 2008A brief review will be performed on the usage of the Toolbar at the computer labs. We will contact the Computing Services at Newark and Camden to see if there is interest in installing the Toolbar in their computer labs.

The question "should the IHL's have the toolbar added to their image?" was asked.
Yes, James will see to it.

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