Minutes for December 15, 2008 Meeting

Jantz, Hartstein, Hoover, Liew, McDonald, Mills, Nakagama
Ellis, Sun


  1. Announcements - Jantz
  2. Discussion: Drupal Issues, Tasks, Timeline
  3. Other Topics - Any

1) Announcements - Jantz

2) Discussion: Drupal Issues, Tasks, Timeline

CMS vs. CMS old - cache separation? Seems fine? Choong will review. Dave will give Choong the htaccess file.

Proxy: Check IP redone for Drupal dev into PHP (rather than PERL).


Command line cache purge: want to have a way to run the cache purge from the command line.

Cache purge application: Choong will build an app that will allow selective purging and re-requesting of files by Sam. The open web accessible script will be removed until passworded or included in a larger app.

Cron purging: if necessary, a script can be written to purge and reload(re-populate the cache) to run in the wee hours of the morning.

Choong will give Dave the IP check delivery by Christmas. Plan is Choong delivery by 6, Dave on 7th. When ready, Sam cuts it over.

3) Other Topics - Any

RSS files not valid/complete for BookRoom.

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