Minutes for April 20, 2009 Meeting

Hoover, Jantz, Liew, McDonald, Mills, Nakagama, Triggs
Ellis, Hartstein


  1. Announcements
  2. New Topics:
    1. Expanding Web Services include major external applications (OJS, ETD, WAAND, Eagleton, Bookroom, etc.) (Ron)
    2. Archivist's Tool Kit (Chad, Ron)
    3. Acknowledging donors for supporting indexes (Ron, Sam)
    4. Decommissioning AAP and others (Ron)
  3. Active Projects:
    1. Room Statistics (Ron for James)
    2. OJS update (Choong)
    3. Drupal Status, to-do, and rollout plan (Sam, Choong)
    4. Who's Who Update (Choong)
    5. PHP4 to PHP5 upgrade status (All)
    6. Reaper 64
      1. Stylesheet (Jeffery)
      2. Classics texts (Jeffery)
      3. Vertigo (Jeffery)
    7. Applying portals (Ron, Chad)
    8. PDF server

Expanding Web Services

Web services will serve as an oversight group for all non-Fedora projects including ETD, WAAND, Eagleton, OJS, Alcohol Studies, etc. Membership will expand based on need and by specific invitation (to address specific issues/projects). The reason that Web services will expand to encompass more projects and perhaps members, is so that RUL will not have one more committee. Some projects being overseen by Web Services may move to Software Architecture as relevant.

Discussion of process and how to manage details of tasks, calendar, and other project details.

We will get major features sub-divided into individual tasks (specifications, timelines, unit testing etc.) for Drupal and OJS.

Milestones towards process:
Specification design
Approval of specifications
Ron, Sam, Choong, and Chad will work on the process for Drupal and OJS.
These documents can be used for reporting to CISC.

Drupal Status, to-do, and rollout plan (Sam, Choong)

Sam shared the timeline of major tasks and milestones for Release 1.1 and its projected launch date.

Alternate tiles are prepared.
Display of plugins has been updated.
Funder icon display has been updated.
Grace will provide metadata info to Choong on how to properly allow for "related titles."

Decommissioning African-American Poetry and others

Process of takedown:
Grace will contact the owners.
Announcement of coming down to user bases (via a liaison).
When a project comes down, a redirect will be set up to a message that the project is gone.
The project should be properly rolled up with full documentation and then archived (if relevant).

Chad will generate a new table of projects with their status for migrating, archiving etc.

Grace wants us to have a plan for all projects by the end of May.

Archivist's Tool Kit

A tool that helps create an EAD finding aid with its associated documents and objects. Fruciano wants it networked on a server for the purpose of internal management, not as a preservation platform. There seem to be MySQL server issues as well as desktop/client maintenance issues.

Acknowledging donors for supporting indexes (Ron, Sam)

Sewell inquired whether donors for database/index products could be acknowledged by
1) On the description page of the individual e-resource from the Indexes and Databases page
2) In the Iris record.
3) On the page on page of the e-resource itself

Web Services can address #1. #3 is impossible since we have now input into vendor capabilities.
For #2, this will be referred to IPAC.
Sam will forward to IPAC and follow up on #1. Web services expects that
The description field/label "Funder" can be used. Label probably needs to be renamed.

OJS update (Choong)

Who's Who Update (Choong)

Kayo and Choong have been talking to people on whether we need two subject lists and what might be included in those lists.
Choong created an online form to collect liaison information.

PHP4 to PHP5 upgrade status

This is waiting on Software Development for the best process to do these conversions.
At a future meeting we will step through the projects-to-be-converted chart.

Reaper 64

Stylesheet (Jeffery) - After Release 5.0 this can be taken off.
Classics texts (Jeffery) - In-process.
Vertigo (Jeffery) - In limbo. Grace will talk to Michael Joseph.


Chad has set up a video portal for NJ videos for NJVid and is in a demo space in RUCore. It includes all video collections in RUCore. This is only a temporary demo portal.

Rhonda asked for a portal for classics.

The creation of new portals will require a policy decision by CISC.

PDF server for OJS

Script is designed, but is only semi-automated. Until volume expands, it can stay semi-automated.

Action Items

Next meetings

Monday, May 11 1:30pm
Monday, June 1 1:30pm

Release 1.1 Timeline

    M    F
Apr 20 - 24
              21 Sam & Choong review remaining tasks
              24 Sam away

Apr 27 -  1
              28 Dave sends the production tables to Choong
              29 Sam & Choong review remaining tasks 

May  4 -  8
                   Choong integrates production tables into release
               4/5 Choong delivers release candidate .9 to Dave
              6-26 Choong away

May 11 - 15   Sam develops testing plan
              11   Web Services Meeting (proposed date)

May 18 - 22
              18 TAS picnic    (Web Services cancelled)
              19-  testing

May 25 - 29
              25 Memorial Day
              26-29 Choong makes fixes
              26-29 Sam does data entry
              29    Choong delivers release candidate 1 to Dave

Jun  1 -  5
              1 Web Services Meeting (proposed date)
              1 Fixes?
              2 Testing
              4 Announcement

Jun  8 - 12
              9 Launch?!

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