Minutes for May 28, 2009 Meeting

Ellis, Jantz, Liew, Marker, McDonald, Mills
Hoover, Nakagama


ETD: Policies, Processes and Issues - Ellis, Marker

ETD's are one of our most popular RUcore services.
OpenETD is likely to very popular.
RUetd's, as a slice of RUcore, is what we want to get certified as a trusted repository (by CRL) (certification not free).
There are 80-90 criteria in three categories: policies, content/object, infrastructure.

We can start working on more comprehensive ETD policies (to describe our specific commitments to schools etc.).
One concern is the speed with which a ETD becomes publically available in RUcore after submission and approval (also to keep up with moving them out of the WMS and into RUcore).
The date an ETD is available is tied to the graduation date.
The goal likely will be that within 2 weeks after graduation a thesis/dissertation will be released to cataloging, processing is done, 2 months for October degrees (done in January), and 3 for May degrees (done in September).
Then followed by uploads to IRIS.
ETD's get subitted to ProQuest after graduation. The remaining timeline is in ProQuest's hands.
If pressed, ProQuest can expedite individual ETD's within two weeks.
So, 3 dates, 1) to cataloging, 2) to IRIS, 3) to ProQuest.
Policies will be reviewed by the CyberInfrastructure committee, then the schools.
Rhonda and Shaun will draft policies.
Ron will send URL's of the certification requirements and other useful documents.

Content Models:
Need to move to compound objects for ETD's (for attachments/supplementary files).
We need to look at content models for other projects/needs as well.
Software Architecture will probably need to spin off a sub-working-group to discuss content/data models.
ETD's related issues include handling complex supplementary files for Mason Gross dissertations.
Also, we need to look at the impact on the WMS, how to deal with photos with reverse-side notes, etc.
Release 5.1 will probably not have and compound objects.
Mason Gross submissions will have to skip RUedt and be ingested directly by the WMS.

BookRoom Statistics - Jantz

James will be at the next meeting to report.
Displays reports of room utilization by view/period.
There are 4 main views: yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly.
James is making progress on the computations.
A prototype should be available Summer 2009.

Drupal Update - McDonald, Liew

A new timeline was discussed (attached below).
No real changes made. We will see if it can work around vacations and other rollouts.

Decommissioning phpESP

We discussed the options of zipping up the php code and the database dump and just putting it into RUcore, however, that makes the data very difficult for anyone with php and mysql to ever extract any info.
So, instead, we will zip up the code and database, but also Sam will make PDF's of the Web reports, the way the survey was presented, and also add the CSV's of the surveys. A 'finding aid' to the files and their contents will be provided.
All of this will be in one large tar/zip file.
Before this we will purge the database of trial/test/never-run surveys and some with confidential comments/data.

Next meetings

Monday, June 29, 1:30pm, SCC: Heyer
Monday, July 20, 1:30pm, SCC: Heyer

Release 1.1 Timeline

Release 1.1 Timeline

May 25-29
                25     	Memorial Day
                26-29	Programming
                28    	Web Services Meeting

June 1-5

June 8-12
		   	Data entry entry (primary, secondary, tertiary)
                9  	Delivery of dump of production by Dave to Choong
	 	9  	Dave has dual-Drupal on Elrond for testing
		12 	Delivery to Dave from Choong (includes 5.18 updates)

June 15-19
		16	Dump set up in test environment
		17-22 	Choong/Dave test/work-out the kinks in the test environment
			Make sure that the logos for funders are set up properly.
               		Make sure SciFinder Scholar, Westlaw etc. carry over
                        (June 17-22 Sam on vacation)

June 22-26
		23-25	More data entry? Programming? Testing?
                (  26	if changes, release to Dave )

June 29-July 3
                 29  	Web Services Meeting (Mon. 1:30, location TBA)
              (  30        if new delivery on 29, this should be installed)
              ( 1-2	testing )
	  	 1	Dave on vacation
                 3	Fourth of July Holiday observed

         July 6-10  [Repository release week]
                 9 	Announcement

      July 13-17
                 14 	Launch.  Dave backs up current production and puts in new release.

      July 20-24
                 20  	Web Services Meeting (Mon. 1:30, location TBA)


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