Minutes for June 29, 2009 Meeting

Hartstein, Hoover, Jantz, Liew, McDonald
Ellis, Marker, Mills


Update: Drupal / Status (Sam, Choong)

The next thing to be done is to have the live production data be dumped-and-delivered to be put on the development system for data entry (primary/secondary/teriary, variant titles) etc. Sam will do "double updates" to the production and devlopement sides as-needed until the development side is delivered back for production.

Looking ahead to the next release, 2.0, which will be an upgrade from the 5.* Drupal platform to the 6.* Drupal platform...on a new server. This migration is intended to happen in mid-October. In preparation for it:
- Choong, on the development machine side, will set-up a Drupal 6 environment and migrate (and document) from Drupal 5.* to Drupal 6.*.
- Dave will set up the new server and clone the existing web server in preparation for a delivery of code from Choong (of Drupal 6) (Note: Release 3.0 aka "Drupal 6" will include some small bug fixes and changes (at the order of labels, not large new features).

Release 2.1 is intended to be
the Who's Who directory listing and profiles (as far as we can get)
the Library "shell pages" (and any daughter pages)
Research Guides
"Brief guides" (generated for a subject when a "full" guide is not available.)
All of the above will initially be "mediated" by Sam until we can figure out user profiles (and then do training)
R2.1 is intended to be launched by MLK day.

Update: Who's Who (Choong)

Who's Who meets next on July 7.
At that meeting the Who's Who team will need to prepare a requirements and a timeline for the July 20 Web Services meeting. Web Services would like to see that all data is prepared by November 1.

Update/demo: Bookroom Statistics (James)

James has a preliminary version on a monthly statistics (per room) running using a WordPress plugin application that connects to a function in BookRoom to get data via a get request. The data comes back via XML, get processed and then displayed. The displays are by room for day of week usage (in a given month) which is intended to show how a room is being used (or underutilized).

This application was programmed using a WordPress plugin because: James knows it, a plugin is reusable, authentication, if needed, is already written, will make it easy to create an event display.

The launch date (for monthly, quarterly and year displays) is for Web Services on July 20.

New project proposal: Electronic Reserves Online File Submission

Sam shared the brief overview with flowchart. A discussion of various aspects of the project were discussed and Web services wanted to know what the impact of this project would be so it could decide if it could be worked into the schedule of existing projects.
Specific questions were:
- How many submissions is there in a semester? (overall, per desk);
- what is the average size of the submitted files (and the resulting pdf's)
- how many instances of quota overruns have there been? (why?)
- what will the saving is staff time really be?
- will this save in other ways such as reducing errors? ...it was noted that e-reserves is probably being assessed by the Cost Savings and Efficiencies Task Force

Next meetings

Monday, July 20, 1:30pm, SCC: Heyer

Release 1.1 Timeline

Drupal Release 1.1 Timeline

 	26	Dump of production data by Dave to Choong  [Done]

	1	Choong to give Dave new release with instructions [Done]
	2	Production data in drupal dev [Done]
	6	Data entry for primary/secondary/tertiary entered and proofed [Done]
 6	Dave has dual-Drupal on Elrond for testing
	6-10  	[Repository release week?!!]
	13	Delivery to Dave from Choong (includes 5.19 updates)
	16	Dump set up in test environment
	20	Web Services Meeting
	17-22 	Choong/Dave:  test/work-out the kinks in the test environment
23-28	Sam/Dave coordinate Log-in text changes
	23-28	Testing  (Programming Fixes? Then Plan B)                )

Plan A

	  29	Go decision
	  30 	Announcement

  4	Launch.  Dave backs up current production and puts in new release.

Plan B 

   	 (29	if changes, Delivery to Dave from Choong)

	4	Dump set up in test environment
	5-7	Testing
	8 	Go decision.
               9 	Announcement
               13 	Launch.  Dave backs up current production and puts in new release.

(SJM - July 7, 2009)        

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