Minutes for August 17, 2009 Meeting

Hartstein, Hoover, Jantz, Liew, McDonald
Mills, Nakagama


  1. Update on Bookroom statistics (James)
  2. Report: Drupal Updates / Status (Sam, Choong)
  3. Discussion: Drupal Roadmap (Sam)
  4. Discussion: Tracking of milestones (Ron)
  5. Discussion: Release 2.0: Drupal 6
  6. Report: Who's Who (Choong)
  7. Update on Sirsi/LDAP modifications

Update on Bookroom statistics (James)

Report: Drupal Updates / Status (Sam, Choong)

Discussion: Drupal Roadmap (Sam)

Discussion: Tracking of milestones (Ron)

Discussion: Release 2.0: Drupal 6

Report: Who's Who (Choong)

Update on Sirsi/LDAP modifications

Next meeting

Monday, August 7 (cancelled--Labor Day)
Monday, August 21, 1:30pm, SCC: Heyer

Drupal Release 1.1 Timeline

TH 13   Choong: Sent new delivery of /cmstest/ to Dave

 M 17   Web services, go decision, decide launch date 
        Dave has /cmstest/ mounted 
        Sam: Evening, tests /cmstest/

 T 18   Fixes or launch?
        (T18-Th20) Sam/Dave coordinate Log-in text changes 
...if fixes
 W 19   Sam: Work with Choong to do fixes
        if requires more testing.
          Choong sends Dave /cmstest/; Dave mounts TH,  
            Sam test Fri/Sat/Sun
            ...hopefully all good
            ...launch Tues the 25th       

        if minor fix and /cms/ can be delivered
           ...launch Tues the 25th 
...if launch
  W 19 Choong: Sends fresh /cms/ to Dave 
           (unless /cms/ from Aug 13 is good)
 TH 20 Announcement 
  T 25 Launch. Dave backs up current /cms/ production and 
                 puts in new /cms/ release.
  T 25 Sam: test and watch

(SJM - August 17, 2009)        

- change of "Not logged in" text changed to "Login here"
  coordinated for proxy and
    (and front page panel)

Drupal Release 2.0 Timeline aka Drupal 6 upgrade

(after successful launch of R1.1) 
- sets current /cms/ and /cmstest/ to be /cms5/ and /cmstest5/
- migrates /cms5/ to /cms/ under Drupal 6
   carefully documenting all steps necessary for migration
- we will have for release 2
     on drupal dev
       /cms/         only for delivery or demonstration
       /cmstest/     where Sam works/adds new data
       /cmsdev/      reserved for developer workspace
       /cmsdev#/      other reserved developer space...
       /cms5/        previous last release
       /cmstest5/    last test release
     on new webserver
       /cms/         production
       /cmstest/     testing space only

- makes any bug fixes or small updates e.g. sidebar link text etc.
- integrate the /cms/ database dump into the Drupal 6 /cms/
- deliver a /cmstest/ to Dave
- support testing/fixing cycle
- sets up new webserver
- migrates webserver & Drupal and other necessary components 
    to new webserver
- deliver a database dump of /cms/ to Choong
- mounts drupal 6 /cmstest/ for testing 
    (using Choong's migration documentation)
- support testing/fixing cycle
-  ? helps Choong set up separate databases for Drupal
- sets up a method for allowing proper off-campus testing
- works with Choong to fix and any minor bugs and changes
- tests Drupal 6 under new webserver /cmstest/
..then testing/fixing cycle until launch

SJM (August 17, 2009)

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