Minutes for September 21, 2009 Meeting

Hartstein, Jantz, Liew, McDonald
Hoover, Mills, Nakagama


  1. 1) Update/Demonstration: BookRoom Stats (James)
  2. 2) Report: Drupal Updates / Status (Sam, Choong) 3) Discussion: Drupal Roadmap (Sam) 4) Update: Release 2.0: Drupal 6 (Choong) 5) Update: Who's Who (Choong) 6) Update: OJS (Choong) 7) Discussion: Process for Dealing with Comments from Ethnography Survey (Ron)

1) Update/Demonstration: BookRoom Stats (James)

When ready, James will give Sam a URL and a short text description so that it can be added at tht bottom of http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/bookroom/bookroom.shtml.

Demonstration related comments:

2) Report: Drupal Updates / Status (Sam, Choong)

Since it went live it has been running well. (no complaints).
Only comments are small revisions to what databases are listed by primary/secondary/tertiary for subject areas.

3) Discussion: Drupal Roadmap (Sam)

Discussion of Roadmap. Revised version provided below.
Upon approval will be posted to WebServices: Reports.

4) Update: Release 2.0: Drupal 6 (Choong)

Choong: have Drupal-dev/cms/ with function Drupal 6 AND near-current production data

Issues: primary/secondary/tertiary fields need work
templates/themes need work
some scripts need work
data dump from production may been to be restructured for loading into Drupal 6.

5) Update: Who's Who (Choong)

Choong handed out some notes on requirements and said that the group had split into 2 groups: one to do data clean-up, and one to write implementation specs (Choong & Sam).
A demo is expected to be ready for early November.

6) Update: OJS (Choong)

The upgrade to 2.2.2 is done....except the statistics reporting tool still needs to be upgraded.
4 journals now live.
The upgrade to still has some issues to figure out yet.

7) Discussion: Process for Dealing with Comments from Ethnography Survey (Ron)

16    Navigation
              General finding, searching, browsing problems
	Sam will report back from WAC for Oct 19.
18    Personalization
              Anything that has services that you can
              relate to your needs/tasks from session to session
              (due to a log-in),
	Sam will lead this discussion for Oct 5.
19    Proxy
              Time out difficulties, etc.
	Dave will lead this discussion for Oct 19.
19R    Research Guides 
	Sam will lead this discussion for Oct 5.

Next meetings:

Oct 5. 1:30. TSB Conference Room Oct 19. 1:30 (probably Heyer) Nov 2. 1:30 (probably Heyer)

Library Website Content Management System (Drupal) Release Summary

Release 2.0 - October 2009 - Update to Drupal 6 on the new server
	Elrond content and services migrated to new server (Dave)
	drupal-dev/cms/ upgraded from 5.* to 6.*, with documentation (Choong)
Release 3.0 - January 2010 - Who's Who Release 1
	Sortable Directory
	Individual profiles (basic, name, address, title, photo(opt.))
	Library home pages in Drupal
	Index upgrades
Release 4.0 - Late Spring 2010 - Guides
	Full Guides
	Brief Guides
	More cross-linking of Indexes and Guides
Release 5.0 - Summer 2010 - Upgrade to Drupal 7?
Release 6.0 - Summer 2010? - ?
	Individual Logins
	Who's Who Release 2
 	  New fields: Roles/Responsibilities, Liaison to (maybe?), Collection Development 		  	    Responsibilities (if relevant), Research Interests(opt.), Links (opt.) for CV, Blog, Webpage
	Allow un-mediated updating of guides?

Drupal Release 2.0 Timeline aka Drupal 6 upgrade

(after successful launch of R1.1) 
- sets current /cms/ and /cmstest/ to be /cms5/ and /cmstest5/
- migrates /cms5/ to /cms/ under Drupal 6
   carefully documenting all steps necessary for migration
- we will have for release 2
     on drupal dev
       /cms/         only for delivery or demonstration
       /cmstest/     where Sam works/adds new data
       /cmsdev/      reserved for developer workspace
       /cmsdev#/      other reserved developer space...
       /cms5/        previous last release
       /cmstest5/    last test release
     on new webserver
       /cms/         production
       /cmstest/     testing space only

- makes any bug fixes or small updates e.g. sidebar link text etc.
- integrate the /cms/ database dump into the Drupal 6 /cms/
...all the above for monday, October 19 
- deliver a /cmstest/ to Dave
- support testing/fixing cycle
- sets up new webserver
- migrates webserver & Drupal and other necessary components 
    to new webserver
- deliver a database dump of /cms/ to Choong
- mounts Drupal 6 /cmstest/ for testing 
    (using Choong's migration documentation)
- support testing/fixing cycle
-  ? helps Choong set up separate databases for Drupal
- sets up a method for allowing proper off-campus testing
- works with Choong to fix and any minor bugs and changes
- tests Drupal 6 under new webserver /cmstest/
..then testing/fixing cycle until launch

SJM (August 17, 2009)

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