Minutes for February 8, 2010 Meeting

Jantz, Hoover, Liew, McDonald


  1. Announcements
  2. Drupal Rollout: Status and Timeline
  3. Project Updates (All)
  4. Other issues as needed


Ron sent Sam and Choong 3 spreadsheets of "VOM" consisting of vocabulary of Verb-Object-Modifier from the 3 TAS Heads units. These will now be given to the Who's Who committee to create a common vocabulary that reduces redundancy (or provides a synonym solution) (for verbs and objects). The deliverable should include at least a single re-organized spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will then be used as a demo/example for non-TAS units (as a step to gather their information). The revised, consolidated spreadsheet is due at about the end of February. Choong as co-chair of Who's Who (with K. Denda) will call together a meeting in February.

Drupal Rollout: Status and Timeline

Testing has approved the codebase.
We are on schedule for launch on Tuesday, February 16 (AKA early Monday morning)
Choong will provide Dave with a /cms/ dump on Tues or Wed (Feb 9 or 10)
Sam will prepare an email announcement for Ron to send out on Thursday, Feb 11.


Drupal 6: We want to upgrade to Drupal 6 to stay current with development and support from the community.
...but, we have 2 issues keeping us from Drupal 6.
1) need to have the speed and memory of the new server (which we already bought)
2) need to figure out how to change/replace/write and replacement for the Taxonomy module we are using with the CCK. (http://drupal.org/project/cck_taxonomy)

Next release: We want the next release to include a basic release of Who's Who. Who's Who is not in this release because it does not work with Boost, and Boost is essential for the index pages (under Drupal 5). Boost under Drupal 6 seems as if it will let us do different things with Boost as it:
Supports sub-directory Installations.
Adjustable cache lifetimes for different parts of the website.
Choose which pages are cached.
So, in short, we need to get to Drupal 6, to get Who's Who released.

Path 1: See if a new server with Drupal 5, no Boost, w/Who's Who can pass performance testing.

Path 2: See if a workaround to the abandoned CCK taxonomy module can be found (for Drupal 6).
If so, upgrade to Drupal 6, re-configure Boost, and deploy with Who's Who.
(We will also want to do a performance test without Boost (on the new server) to see if we need Boost at all).

Path 3: See if Drupal 7 allows the Taxonomy features in the CCK and thus do Path 2 using Drupal 7.

Next Steps

Effects of running Cron

In order to see if the growing log tables of Drupal were causing web server slowness, Dave manually ran the cron job, which cleans up tables and clears all cached files. (this evidently is recommended Drupal maintenance anyhow). The side effect of this is that user visiting a database description page for the first time (by any user since the cron) caused a cached page to be created. The cached page varied depending upon whether the user was logged in, on campus, or not logged in. In either of these cases, the page that was created is different than the optimal one created by an manual admin re-cache action, which leaves the logged in switch to stay in the cached page.
In the future, Sam will periodically run the Drupal cron and then re-cache the files.

If we retain Boost for Drupal 6+ then we need to investigate whether the re-cache script can be re-written as a (secure) server executable script that can be called as part of the cron script.

Project Updates (All)

Event Display

Puniello has added Hartstein as a member of a group looking at digital event displays for the Libraries.

Sam created some new demo's for the existing SCC event screens. James will adapt as the SCC sees fit, with Sam assisting as requested.

Forms script

Dave mentioned that the old PERL script we use for processing forms is in need of replacement to something that is easier to maintain and perhaps has some new features. Sam agreed to write up a functional requirements and discuss with Chad and bring it back to Web Services in a few meetings.

Next meetings

All in Heyer Room.
February 22
March 15
March 29
April 12
April 26
May 10

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