Minutes for March 15, 2010 Meeting

Hartstein, Jantz, Liew, McDonald, Mills


  1. Quick Review: Drupal Next Release Goals and Steps
  2. Quick Review: Drupal Roadmap Discussion: The Next Few Releases
  3. Archiving Old Projects (e.g. Italy's Peoples)
  4. Update on Mobile Device Task Force (Sam)
  5. Zimbra for calendaring and other functions (James)
  6. Announcements
  7. Miscellaneous Business

Quick Review: Drupal Next Release Goals and Steps

Quick Review: Drupal Roadmap Discussion: The Next Few Releases

See Roadmap below. Slightly revised for changed release dates, and that Guides will be replaced by LibGuides.

Archiving Old Projects (e.g. Italy's Peoples)

Discussion about what kind documentation should be written/gathered to go with an archived project. We could use a checklist of tasks to do with other procedures and policies as useful. Ron said he would take a shot at a draft version.

Update on Mobile Device Task Force (Sam)

Sam shared the charge of the committee and what they have been doing for research, and what the primary issues seem to be. Some discussion of the more difficult technical issues (e.g. AAL SMS chat/help, custom IRIS result screens).

Zimbra for calendaring and other functions (James)



Miscellaneous Business

Ron asked Chad to create a Dissertations portal for SCILS. Chad will provide a URL with a search string that can be loaded in an iFrame (which displays a result set).

Discussion about the pressing need for a development server that has no production apps on it. Specifically this server would be used for new projects and for the projects migrating from ColdFusion and php4 to php5. We will discuss with Tibor this need to keep development separate from production. Ron will talk to Sho, perhaps $ for a development server can be found this (academic) year.


Next meetings

March 29 - Heyer
April 12 - 1:30pm - Heyer
April 26 - 1:30pm - Heyer
May 10 - 1:30pm - Heyer

Release 2.0: Drupal 6, new server, re-configured Boost 6, launch basic Who's Who

  1. Upgrade to Drupal 6
  2. Done - get CCK Taxonomy to work
  3. Utilize new features of Boost under Drupal 6
    see: http://drupal.org/node/545664
    • Supports sub-directory Installations
    • Choose which pages are cached
    • Adjustable cache lifetimes for different parts of the website.
      (essential for performance so that pages like index descriptions can be cached, but Who's Who pages can be dynamic)
  4. New Server
  5. Launch basic Who's Who
    • Sortable Directory
    • Basic individual profiles (basic, name, address, title, photo(opt.)
  6. Small updates/housecleaning to index pages
  7. Lots of performance testing on newServer/cmstest

In parallel development for Release 2.1

Drupal Rollout Roadmap

Release 1.0 -  Mar  9, 2009 - Indexes
Release 1.1 - Aug 25, 2009 - Indexes upgrade (Sub-groups: prim/sec/tert)
Release 1.2 -  Feb 16, 2010 - Indexes upgrade (Sub-groups: core/rel/supp)

Release 2.0 - Spring/Summer Intersession 2010 (May 14-25) 
               - Basic Who's Who; Drupal upgrade, New server
- Drupal 6
- New server
- Basic Who's Who
- New field for descriptions: Concurrent users

Release 2.1 - Summer 2010 - Guides migrate to Drupal, Phase 1; Contact forms
- Guides(mediated), Brief Guides
- Indexes cross-link to Guides/Brief Guides
- New Who's Who feature: Contact forms attached individual profiles

Candidate features/upgrades of successive releases (clustered):
- Upgrade to Drupal 7
- Individual profiles (So librarians can update pages owned by them, Guides etc.)
- Drupal generated mobile-device formatted pages
- Re-theme Drupal to match redesign
- Move many forms into Drupal, including basic contact (via Who's Who?) and for 
   subject areas,   e.g. "Request/recommend a book")
Who's Who
- Who's Who: Advanced profiles (more than basic fields)
- Who's Who: "Who do I contact"
Content Shift
    - Brief Guides
    - Drupal generated front page
    - News pages in Drupal (RSS feeds?)(generate html for MyRU "feed")
    - Move all remaining second level pages into Drupal
    - Review all remaining non-Drupal pages, move into Drupal as reasonable
- Investigate leveraging Serial Solutions 360 Search XML API (Goal: present 
     subject-specific federated search)
- Investigate portal approaches (groups (UG,Grads,Faculty,Alum,public), 
    subject, individual etc.)
- Investigate using Google Analytics
- RUL content "Syndication": e.g. Sakai integration 
    (also investigate eCompanion, BlackBoard etc.)
- Maps (of stacks etc.  linked from dynamic links from the catalog..?)

(SJM- Feb. 23, 2010, Rev 1.1; March 16, 2010, Rev 1.2)

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