Minutes for April 26, 2010 Meeting

Hoover, Jantz, Liew, McDonald, Mills, Nakagama, Sun
Hartstein, Purger


  1. Drupal 6 Upgrade Status (Choong)
  2. Server Upgrade Status (Dave)
  3. Test Plan for Drupal 6 Functionality, especially Boost (Choong)
  4. Test Plan for Who's Who (Choong)
  5. Test Plan for Content Checking (Sam)
  6. Who's Who Work (any remaining) (Choong)
  7. Use of Wordpress in Various Applications and Associated Mobile Apps (James)
  8. PC Availability (Sam)
  9. Miscellaneous Business
    - Singleness Database (Ron)
  10. Announcements
  11. Next Meetings

The actual agenda got shuffled around as discussions progressed.

1) ETD's Migration from SCC to Systems

The SCC machine hosting this service does not have a dual power supply. Also, it is not a good practice to have a machine being used both for production and development. This can be a topic for the next agenda.

2) Drupal 6 Upgrade Status (Choong)

Drupal has been, on drupal-dev, migrated from 5 to 6. Boost appears to be working fine with the indexes being cached, but the Who's Who pages being not-cached.

The current plan is to move Drupal 6 to reaper for staging/testing before it moves to production. This will allow proxy testing. Also Dave can then match the Reaper environment for the new server and we will know that Drupal should run on it. We will not conduct serious load testing on Reaper as it is the production environment for ETDs.

3) Who's Who Status (Choong)

The new data entry is not appearing. Something odd happened in/to the table structures during upgrade. Data entry still needs to be done (Data has been gathered though).

4) Server Upgrade Status (Dave)

Dave is considering what Operating System that the new web server should have (Sun Solaris 10, OpenSolaris, Susa, Open Susa). This is primary a question of hardware and software support fees. Dave said he will look to install Solaris 10 so it can at least be used for initial testing--mainly performance issues.

5) Timeline (Sam, all)

Finish programming and testing By May 3.
Test on Reaper May 4,5,6
Move to Celebrian May 11,12,3

6) Test Plan for Drupal 6 Functionality, especially Boost (Choong)

Use Jmeter to load test Drupal/Boost for performance load issues. For a launch, we want to wait until all services on elrond can be put on celebrian and the new Drupal can be at the same URLs as before. This may have to wait until after Memorial day (and testing of all those elrond-served services)

7) Test Plan for Content Checking (Sam)

Sam shared a document that described and listed how pages and content would be checked and re-checked to make sure that it was properly synced. Since Drupal has a reverse-chrono log of updates, and Sam keeps a separate log of changes and issues, between the two all pages that have been edited since the last rollout can be individually scrutinized.

7) Use of Wordpress in Various Applications and Associated Mobile Apps (James)

James was absent, but we discussed the context that WordPress was being used for NJDH (on reaper) and its use may be extended to NJEDL and RUcore. A discussion of where WordPress might be installed to support individual Librarian (public) blogs might be mounted--probably in Systems. James can speak to using WordPress for Mobile Apps etc. at the next meeting.

8) Singleness Database (Ron)

Ron will investigate whether the owner will accept that the Bibliography be turned into a static html or PDF document. We woudl keep the original published URL alive.

10) PC Availability (Sam)

Sam demonstrated a small application called "PC Availability" which can display to users what library-managed PC's are available for use in the Libraries. A full write-up is available in the Software Project Management system.

11) Announcements


12) Next Meetings

May 17, 130-4pm, Location: TBA

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