Minutes for May 17, 2010 Meeting

Hartstein, Jantz, McDonald, Nakagama, Purger
Hoover, Mills, Sun


  1. Drupal 6 Upgrade/ Who's Who Release Status (McDonald)
  2. Use of WordPress in Various Applications and Associated Mobile Apps (Hartstein)
  3. Handing off of Choong's Project Responsibilities (Jantz, Purger, McDonald)
  4. PC Availability (McDonald)
  5. Update on Event Display (Hartstein)
  6. Miscellaneous Business
    - Singleness Database (Jantz)
  7. Announcements
  8. Next Meetings

The actual agenda got shuffled around as discussions progressed.

1) Handing off of Choong's Project Responsibilities (Ron, Tibor, Sam)

We used a list prepared by McDonald that listed which projects would be maintained by whom. Hartstein is owner/maintainer of all decommissioned/archived projects.
Changes made (amended list attached below):
Augestine: Triggs to Hartstein
SCC Data Services: Hartstein to Womack
Crosstime National Time Series: Triggs to Womack

2) New Business

Moving ETD from SCC to Systems

We want to move this production application to Systems. Currently there are some development applications sharing the same server as ETD. This migration will be discussed in the near future when Mills returns from vacation. (meeting tentatively planned to me at 2pm on May 25). Nakagama proposes an ETD-only server at Systems.

3) Drupal Release

Upgrade to 6/Index additions

Index additions include a new field for "Concurrent users" and a new state for connect buttons "Restricted-no proxy challenge".

Who's Who

After data and application testing we can decide if it has initial features to at least do a soft-rollout.


Reviewed the task list provided by McDonald (attached). A specific timeline is not computable yet, but we will endeavor to take steps as fast as we can.

5) Use of WordPress in Various Applications and Associated Mobile Apps (James)

Initial development for a demo application of WordPress to support a project has been done. NJDH has a demo where a WordPress app can provide web page news as well as RSS feeds of that news to a specially configured iPhone app. This could be extended to other projects such as NJEDL, RUcore etc. Jantz and Purger will speak to Langschied to take this demo to production. We had an additional discussion on how iPhone applications should be registered and managed in the iStore.

6) PC Availability (Sam)

The specifications for the application have changed slightly. Instead of one large table showing both NetID and Guest PC availability, the two classes will be in two separate tables.

7) Update on Event Display (James)

8) Miscellaneous Business: Singleness Database (Ron)

Jantz will speak to the project owner about converting the bibliography into a single stand-alone PDF.

9) Announcements


10) Next Meeting

Monday, June 7, 2010 - Location: TBA


  1. Jantz: Communicate to Womack his project responsibilities.
  2. Jantz: Ask Ananthan to write specifications for a content model for "software" and add it to WMS.
  3. Jantz: Speak to the project owner about converting the bibliography of the Singleness Database into a single stand-alone PDF.
  4. Hartstein: Begin with looking to move Beljour to RUcoreby by first getting a description from Womack and finding the archived files.
  5. McDonald: Meet with Mills to move Drupal migration along.
  6. McDonald: Communicate to Mills the changes of responsibility so the changes can be made in Software Project Management.
  7. McDonald: Provide a draft overview outline so the overview/description PDF's can be consistent and complete.
  8. McDonald: Revise code for PC Availability.
  9. Purger: Speak to Buttman and see how Zimbra API's might allow sharing/exposing room and event data.
  10. Purger: Speak to Niessen about Vreme project history.
  11. Triggs: Migrate Serbian Digest (Vreme) from ColdFusion to PHP. There also several more years of content to be added.
  12. Jantz, Mills, et al: Discuss ETD migration from SCC to Systems.
  13. Jantz and Purger: Speak to Langschied about making WordPress features live (for NJDH).
  14. Jantz and Hartstein: Speak to Puniello about taking these large display screen plans forward.

Re-assigned Projects from Chong to another Maintainer

Task list for next Drupal Rollout

Evaluate Status
   Customized parts of Drupal (not done via admin interface)
      - cms/scripts/indexdb.php
      - cms/scripts/indexdbDetail.php
      - cms/scripts/categoryView.php
      - cms/scripts/includes/dbQueries.php 
      - cms/scripts/includes/indexdbconfig.inc 
     Boost and templates
      - htaccess file
      - cms/themes/RUL_theme/page.tpl.php
     Who's Who
      - cms/scripts/wwIndex.php
      - code inside node 434
      - cms/scripts/search.php
  Drupal 6 Upgrade
    - Boost / Cacheing
      - re-write rules
      - //www.libraries.ru & //libraries.ru
    - Index content
    - Small bugs and changes?
      - heading color, backpath size
    - New WYSISWYG editor
  Index updates
    - new state for connect buttons/label
    - concurrent users field
      - index headings in grey rather than dark blue..size might differ
  Who's Who  http://drupal-dev.scc-net.rutgers.edu/cms/whos_who
   - Status of features
   - Bugs?
   - Work with Boost .. on celebrian?

Updates, Security etc. (modules)
   - CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor 6.x-1.0 Recommended version: 	6.x-1.1 (2010-Mar-11)
     CKEditor	3.2 "You are using a feature that requires $cookie_domain to be set, 
                 but it is not set in your settings.php"
   - Content Taxonomy 	6.x-1.0-rc2 (2009-Aug-19)
   - FileField  6.x-3.2 Security update: 	6.x-3.3 (2010-May-05)
   - ImageField  6.x-3.2 Security update: 	6.x-3.3 (2010-May-05)
   - Views  6.x-2.8 Recommended version: 	6.x-2.10 (2010-Apr-08) 	
                    Security update: 	6.x-2.9 (2010-Apr-07)

Data Entry
   - Who's Who data entry (Sam)
   - data syncing from production to Drupal dev (Sam)
     (note: no dump from elrond to drupal dev needed)

   - test plan for Drupal 6 functionality, especially Boost (Sam)
   - test plan for Who's Who (Sam)
   - test plan for content checking (Sam)
   - testing Who's Who (Sam)
   - fixes, re-test

Move to Reaper
   - review recent changes
   - test Drupal 6 speed (Boost, caching) (Sam et al.)
   - testing Drupal 6 functionality, especially Boost (Sam)
   - any fixes?

   - set up new server (Dave)
   - prepare and share with Dave a Drupal tar for putting on new server for testing (   )
   - put Drupal on new server (Dave)
      - migrate elrond services to new server (Dave)
        - testing (Dave, Sam, et al.)
   - Launch 

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