Officers, Representatives, and Chairs - Academic Year 2018-2019

Elected and Appointed Officers
Faculty Chair
Kevin Mulcahy
Elected 2017/18 - 2018/19
Faculty Vice Chair/Faculty Chair Elect
Katie Anderson
Elected 2018/20
Faculty Secretary
Pam Hargwood
Elected 2017/19
Natalie Borisovets
Appointed 2018/19
University Senate
Natalie Borisovets
Elected 2018/21
Camden Faculty Council
Julie Still
Newark Faculty Advisory Council
Adriana Cuervo
Elected 2016/19
New Brunswick Faculty Council
Triveni Kuchi
Elected 2016/19
Ryan Womack
Elected 2017/20
Committee Chairs

Advisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions
Grace Agnew

Committee of Review
Fernanda Perrone

Personnel Policy & Affirmative Action Committee
Bonnie Fong

Planning Committee
Kevin Mulcahy

Research Leave Review Committee
Rebecca Gardner

Rules of Procedure
Stephanie Bartz, Co-Chair
Melissa De Fino, Co-Chair

Scholarly & Professional Activity Committee
Janet Croft, Co-Chair
Bart Everts, Co-Chair

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