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Library faculty at the Rutgers University Libraries partner with academic faculty and staff to support and enrich the instructional, research, and public service missions of the university. At Rutgers University, librarians manage state of the art print and digital collections and provide exceptional research and information services to members of the Rutgers community and the state of New Jersey. The responsibilities of Rutgers University librarians are manifold: advancing faculty and student research and learning, providing formal and informal instruction, purchasing and organizing library collections, and facilitating access to library resources and services. Library faculty pursue scholarly research in librarianship and other fields and seek opportunities for service to the profession, as well as to Rutgers University libraries, all Rutgers University campuses, the state of New Jersey, and beyond.

Faculty Meeting Calendar

April 5, 2019, SCC Teleconference Lecture Hall

June 14, 2019, SCC Teleconference Lecture Hall

(Teleconferenced to Camden and Newark campuses)

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