Use of Titles

University Regulations (University Policy Library section 60.5.2: Academic Titles and Rank Equivalencies), indicate the rank equivalent and associated titles to be used by all levels of faculty in the university. While the faculty ranks may be equivalent across all university faculty, the academic titles associated with those ranks are not the same, and therefore faculty are not authorized by the University to use their academic equivalent titles interchangeably. Ranks are established at appointment and promotion.

Library faculty use the academic rank titles of Librarian I, Librarian II, III, etc. that are equivalent to other faculty at similar rank, for example, Professor I, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor. However, the titles of librarian and professor may not be used interchangeably. Librarians also have position titles that reflect their areas of responsibility. It is reasonable that titles appearing in Academic Position Profiles may change due to new assignments or changes in responsibilities. When this occurs librarians may request a title change to their campus director/AUL who will submit the requested change to the University Librarian for final approval. The Libraries Human Resources Department is charged with maintaining a record of current titles for all faculty.

July 10, 2001; rev. July 10, 2013

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