Guidelines for placement of news stories on the Rutgers University Libraries' website

The Rutgers University Libraries' website features a "News and Events" webpage linked from the main navigation bar, and a news bookmark on the front page, to provide visibility to stories about Libraries' activities, accomplishments and other Libraries' developments of interest to the Rutgers' community.

We encourage Libraries' faculty and staff members to share news stories or suggestions for stories to be written with the communications director for inclusion on the Libraries' webpage. In order to evaluate and prioritize news stories and allocate the use of news space that is at times limited, the Libraries advancement office will evaluate all submissions using the criteria below:

1. Stories related to high-profile events in the Rutgers University Libraries, new resources and services, libraries' personnel receiving significant national awards or distinctions, and/or systemwide changes in policy (for example, changes to the frontpage of the website, IRIS downtimes, or library closures) receive greatest prominence.

2. News stories determined to merit the most visibility will be posted on the "News and Events" webpage with the story's headline/link and (when available and appropriate for the story) an accompanying image in the front-page "News & Events" bookmark. In the event that there are a greater number of top-rank news stories than the front page bookmark can accommodate, priority will be given first to major changes in Libraries' services affecting users and second to upcoming major Libraries events (since they are time sensitive).

3. During the academic semesters, story headlines will run in the frontpage news bookmark and in the "This Just In" area of the "News and Events" webpage for an average of two weeks; during intermission and summer, stories can run for up to one month.

4. Stories that are submitted by Libraries' personnel that require little or no editing to conform to the Libraries' website style will be posted more promptly than those that require significant editing. Stories that are suggested but require research and/or writing by the communications director will be handled as time allows, depending on other priorities of the communications department and/or recommendations of the development and communications director or the university librarian.

5. News stories regarding events and exhibitions that reflect the objectives of the Libraries' Strategic Plan and mission statement take priority over stories regarding other activities in or about the Libraries.

6. Events or exhibitions organized by and taking place within the Rutgers University Libraries take precedence over activities cosponsored by the Rutgers University Libraries that are held in other venues.

7. Exhibition opening receptions will receive regular attention in the frontpage "News & Events" bookmark. Exhibits may receive attention in the frontpage news bookmark as time allows and only if other prior stories (see 1 and 2 above) do not fill the space.

8. After opening receptions are held, announcements about exhibitions in the Libraries will be placed in the 'Exhibitions' area in the 'News and Events' webpage. Some exhibition news stories may need to be expanded with the help of the curator(s) in order to provide sufficient narrative for news coverage.

Prepared by
Communications Director Harry Glazerc
August 15, 2007

Revised with input from University Librarian Marianne Gaunt
September 24, 2007

Final revisions from Julia Zapcic
February 5, 2008

Last updated: February 8, 2008
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