NB Libraries Mid-Year Report, 1999-2000

Subject: New brunswick Libraries - Mid-Year Report 1999/2000
Date: March 23, 2000

Progress on Library/Unit Objectives
Major Library/Unit Programs and Activities
Liaison Relationships with Academic Programs/Departments
Support for Instructional Programs

Significant progress was made in the D-21 project since the summer of 1999. The concept document was shaped into its firm state, shared with many, and subsequently supported by the libraries' administration, librarians and staff, teaching faculty members and the deans of Douglass College and Mason-Gross School of Arts. Several open hearings were held with lively participation from different sectors of library users as well as staff. Three grant proposals directly related to D-21 were submitted. Coordinated by Francoise Puniello,architectural plans with cost analysis for the purpose of fundraising were developed. Stages for a major
fundraising endeavor have been set. (See F. Puniello’s report)

Kilmer Library:
The Committee to Develop a Vision Statement for the Kilmer Library for the 21st Century began working on the charges under the direction of the Associate Director. The Committee is taking forthcoming environmental changes such as RUNet2000 and increasing need for library instructions into consideration. (See F. Puniello’s report)

Multimedia Digital Library Services:
In the fall semester, SCC, CETH, Kilmer-based media services including management of smart classrooms, and Music Library media services were merged to form one department, Multimedia Digital Library Services. Jane Sloan was appointed as the first

MDLS Dept.
Head. Subsequently, the former SCC Management Team was transformed intoMDLS
Planning Team with new membership and goals. One library faculty position was converted into a high level IT manager position as a moving force for the new direction of MDLS. Birth of this new group, overarching multimedia and digital technology, was a major organizational change in the New Brunswick Libraries during the period covered by this report. While carrying through SCC projects and assuming new, the MDLS Dept. began to work with OTR on a new charge, operation of two educational channels dedicated to NB campus audience.

The New Jersey Environmental Digital Library Proposal prepared by Linda Langschied and Ronald Jantz was funded in full by the DEP. Co-principle Investigators and the project staff began data compilation and coding at the SCC.

There are other recent grant-funded projects in progress at the SCC providing unique services to the campus community and broadly to the citizens of New Jersey. They are: archiving documents of New Jersey women leaders (Ferris Olin); Learning Links, a project to assist learning of Spanish language (Lourdes Vazquez, Martin Kesselman); archiving documents of New Jersey women leaders (Ferris Olin). Through these technology rich projects, libraries are enhancing their partnership with a variety of sectors from the state agencies, teaching departments and research centers.

E. McDonnell Medieval Studies Seminar Room:
Following the recommendation by the Committee to Establish E. McDonnell Medieval Studies Room, a seminar room with selected books from Prof. McDonnell's collection was established. The opening event was held on March 23, 2000.

Major purchase of PCs under the university's PC Purchase Plan:
New Brunswick Libraries upgraded a large number of PCs in the SCC taking full advantages of the university's PC purchase plan. Marty Kesselman coordinated planning for the purchase and distribution.

Administrative Services Team:
Effective July 1999, four A/P/S members of the team began to report to Arlene Minch, NBL Departmental Administrator, and added another guest member to the team from Media Services. The team participated and assisted in bringing up a new payroll system throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Access Services:
Following the implementation of electronic reserves, several weeding projects were completed. Subsequently, the Collection Management Team was able to shift collections at four locations in order to increase cohesiveness of related collections and service points on site. Internal reallocation of talents, shifting work locations among Access staff continuously took place and as the whole Access Team met their goals. The newly created Access Services website has been helping communication among teams and with NBL staff and librarians.

Collection Services:
Collection services of Music Library at Douglass were integrated into NB Collection Services, followed by orientation and reassignments of staff members with revised responsibilities. Onsite collection binding and basic repair work of Douglass, Music and Kilmer Libraries are now performed at Alexander Library. Plan for combining similar work of LSM and LSM Government Documents is being developed in order to enhance operational efficiency. A significant amount of staff time was spent in the preparation for the new SIRSI upgrade, this will have a major affect on serials work, if implemented smoothly. As in Access Services, Collection Services created its website that is linked to New Brunswick Home Page .

New Brunswick Libraries Faculty:
Mary Fetzer is the newly elected chair and under her leadership New Brunswick Home page was created. All minutes of the NBL faculty meetings as well as reports and minutes of other units are on the unit web and linked to others.

Information Services:
Myoung C. Wilson is newly elected chair of Information Services Group and the following actions were taken in the fall semester.
*Local operations liaisons were appointed: I. Caparros for Alexander; J. Cassell for Kilmer; C. Wu for LSM; L. Vecchioli for Douglass; and P. Page for branch libraries.
*Standardized the forms for NBL wide reference statistics and statistics away from the
reference desk.
*The Group began compilation of the NBL wide Reference Manual.
* Developed integrated information services model and began its initial implementation.
According to this model, reference librarians those who wish to participate have primary work location as well as secondary work location. At present, eleven reference librarians are taking part.
*Under the guidance of the group, L. Vecchioli and S. Hines, developed an ICI proposal entitled “Enhancing Information Literacy through Web-based Technology in Shaping a Life program.
* Developed a joint recruitment advertisement for information/graduate assistants.

New Brunswick Collections Group:
The group chaired by Howard Dess has developed budget allocation plans for all NBL state funds and non-state funds. The group also developed several operational procedures with the assistance from Head of Acquisitions Dept.

Public/Community Services Activities

Thelma Tate was successful in expanding her outreach services. She has been actively involved in the New Brunswick Sister Cities Program and at the same time played a major role in bringing important members of higher education from abroad to the Rutgers, New Brunswick campus. Guess were from Liberia, England, South Africa and Japan.

Human Resources

Among the NB staff, over 25 changes took place, including resignation, retirement, death, illness, and, major reassignment, promotion and new recruitment. Among the library faculty, 10
personnel changes are in effect including searches being currently conducted.

Reported by Francoise Puinello

cc: F. Puniello, S. Soong

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