Procedures For Handling Replacement Books
Final Procedures, July, 2000

NBCG Procedures
July, 2000

As a result of several meetings between the NB Collection Development Sub Chairs chaired by Jackie Mardikian and Penny Weniger of Access Services, we agreed on the following procedures.


A report will be requested from the Systems office. The listing will be a cumulative listing of items marked *MISSING for 4 months, unit by unit in call number order. NB Access Services staff, unit by unit, will search their stacks one last time. Those items found will be discharged and sent back to the stacks and crossed off the list. Additionally, this report will list books with the status of **LOST/PAID and will not require a final search.

A copy of the REPLACEMENT COPIES report will be forwarded to Database Management at TAS to withdraw these items by the units Access Services staff.

A copy of the units REPLACEMENT COPIES report listing MISSING and LOST/PAID items will be forwarded to NB unit Subject Selector's with the attached cover letter.

As requested in the cover letter, the subject selector highlights the copies the selector wishes back in the collections and forwards the list to the Unit Selector Representative within a one-month timeframe.

* Missing items are materials reported missing by users; are charged to the MISS_(LIB) user, and searched by staff. Reports listing the items with the current location of "missing" are generated by the Systems department and are e-mailed to Missing books staff for searching at the following intervals: every two weeks-non-cumulative; end of semester-cumulative; end of year-cumulative.

** LOST/PAID items are materials lost by the user and have been paid for by the user. The policy was revised in 1999 to allow us to accept not only "exact" replacement copies, but also more recent editions, paperbacks, etc. Upon receipt from the user these copies are discharged from the user and charged to Lost-Replaced user. The item is sent to the unit's Collection Services for cataloging and are treated as copy 2. The LOST/REPLACED user has very recently been created to more accurately reflect the IRIS entry for the item. These replaced items charged to this user and will not appear on the LOST/PAID list.

Sample Selector Letter:

TO:Kevin Mulcahy
Joe Consoli
Rebecca Gardner
Howard Dess
Jeris Cassel
Jackie Mardikian
Sylvia Walsh
Roger Tarman
Howard Dess

FROM: Local Unit Missing Books staff

RE: Reorder of replacement copies

The attached Replacement report lists items with a status of either Missing or LOST/PAID. This cumulative 4-month report lists items that have been searched and not found on the shelves after several searches. A final search has been conducted by staff and the items were not located.

A copy of the listing will be forwarded to Database Management, TAS, for withdrawal. Highlight the items you want replaced for your area of expertise. In order to keep the process timely, forward your list to the Unit Selector Representative for re-ordering within a one-month timeframe. (Please consider requesting the latest edition copy when appropriate).

Feel free to contact me at__________________________if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Penny Weniger, Coordinator
New Brunswick Libraries Collection Management
Alexander/Douglass Library Supervisor I
Rutgers University Libraries

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