Selection Policy for Materials to be Stored at the Annex

The single most important factor in determining whether monographs, serials, or government documents should be housed at the Annex is low use determined by:

  1. Low circulation activity and physical inspection of the material.
  1. Outdated or superseded materials which have scholarly value.
  1. Sections of an LC class where there may be no current teaching or research interest, but for which there is possible future use.
  1. Age, for instance, material with pre-1900 publication dates.
  1. Books in uncommon and recondite languages on topics of lesser interest at Rutgers.
  1. Discrete collections such as archival copies of Rutgers University dissertations.
  1. Items requiring special handling or security, in fragile condition, and/or unbindable items may be transferred to the Annex if the merit saving for future preservation.

Additional Considerations

  1. If an additional copy of a title is held at a New Brunswick library (including the holding library) or the Annex, that copy should not be transferred to the Annex.
  1. In the case of multiple copies of serials, a check should be made for condition and completeness of the runs. Runs should be combined where practical and sets in poorer condition be withdrawn.
    In general, the hard copy should not be sent to the Annex when a microform or other reproduction is held in the system.
  1. Unprocessed or uncataloged items are not accepted into the Annex collection.

At this time, it is assumed that special formats will remain within the owning libraries. The Annex is not currently equipped to accommodate special formats (microforms, videorecordings and motion pictures, sound recordings, etc.).

Collections which are located at the Annex in terms of what is sent and interpretation and regulation of the Selection Criteria are the responsibility of the selectors. Projects of any size must be discussed with and approved by the Associate University Librarian for Collection Development and Management. Within New Brunswick, the Head of Collection Services should be consulted.

If Annex staff determines that an item has high use after it has been stored at the Annex for some time, the sending library will be contacted to discuss a possible return.

(from RUL Annex Facility Operational Overview and Procedures Manual, May 1999)

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