Subject: Revised New Brunswick Collection Group Minutes
Date:  July 10, 1998
Here are revised minutes for 7/10 meeting.  Please distribute to the group.
Many thanks to Ferris for clarification--I have "borrowed" her text.
New Brunswick Collection Group
July 10, 1998
Present: Ben Beede, Jeris Cassel, Howard Dess, Rebecca Gardner, Ellen Gilbert,
Helen Hoffman, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti,
Halina Rusak, Jane Sloan, Addie Tallau, Lourdes Vazquez, Irwin Weintraub
1.  Minutes of the June 5 meeting were approved as submitted.  Kevin Mulcahy
introduced Lourdes Vazquez, the new Latin American Subject Specialist.  Other
miscellaneous announcements: Howard distributed a draft of the group's annual
report, which is due to Ryoko by 7/15.  Get any feedback to him ASAP so it can
be incorporated.  Howard also noted that he has been unable to get any news
about the budget.

2.  Missing Books Procedures--Kevin Mulcahy noted that presently the units are
handling withdrawal or replacement of missing books according to past local
practices (which differ among the libraries).  There should probably be a
consistent set of procedures for all New Brunswick libraries, although
decisions might be made by subject selectors..  Money for replacement books
comes from a replacement fund (items lost and paid).  Jackie Mardikian
volunteered to talk with Farideh Tehrani about developing a set of procedures.
3.  Gift Books Procedures--Halina Rusak distributed a draft gift acquisition
policy developed by the Gifts Subgroup.  The Subgroup feels this should be a
systemwide policy.  Ron Becker will present to SACCDM at their next meeting
(7/16).  Several librarians noted that there may be political reasons for
accepting gifts of materials we don't necessarily want (e.g., from persons
important to the University).   How do we know when someone is important to the
University?   Halina will revise section under "Relevance of Donation" to state
that librarians should check with the RU Foundation about this if there are
large gifts we might reject.   The policy statement is intended for staff
use--not for distribution to donors--but we can show to donors if there are any
questions about procedures.  Send any additional comments to Halina as soon as
possible.  Howard will mention the draft in the annual report but will not
include the document itself since it will not be presented to SACCDM until
after report is due.

 4.  Proposed Transfer of Art Books--Halina described a project to transfer
approximately 500 art books from Alexander to the Art Library.  This project
was already approved by Ryoko before reorganization got underway, so it was not
submitted to the Locations Subgroup.  Alexander currently has about 5000+ art
books, and the ones to be transferred are of a scholarly nature and often
requested or used by Art History faculty.  Plans are for a gradual transfer,
with Halina selecting items for transfer and changes in call # and location
being done in-house.  Kevin noted that other selectors may want to be consulted
on selection since departments such as Philosophy also use some of these
materials.  There was concern that noncirculating art books are sometimes
loaned to Art History faculty but do not show as charged out on the system
Halina will inform faculty that in future all art books may be used in-library
5.  Budget Allocation Subcommittee--Addie Tallau distributed list of items for
consideration in allocation process (also sent by email):
-There is a problem with considering centers, bureaus, and institutes.  While
many seem important, it is difficult to determine how many there actually are;
also, the faculty (except for grant-funded) would all have appointments in
departments and thus might get counted twice.
-Kevin suggested adding "trends in faculty size" as an important consideration;
also, the average number of courses taught/semester in different programs over
several years might be a more valid indicator than total number for the year.
-Howard has received data on number of degrees granted by disciplines for past
several years; we should look at trends in this, too.

-With grants, we should look at the number of grants rather than the dollar
amounts (science grants tend to be much higher amounts than others).  Although
grants frequently create new library users and demands, the libraries do not
receive any of the indirect costs or funds included for library materials ,
despite repeated pleas to Seneca's office.  We should continue to pursue this,
however.  Ellen noted that this year the Graduate School of Social Work gave
$19,000 to the libraries to purchase materials, which is a good precedent.
-For prices of library materials, we have to recognize that there is a great
disparity and we need to figure out an average price to use.  We also need to
consider annual production.  We can use approval reports, which are broken down
by discipline.  Also, we need to factor in electronic resources--maybe we need
a separate budget for this.  Pat Piermatti noted that often when a New
Brunswick library wants to purchase an electronic resource, we have to cancel
print subscriptions to do it.  If there is going to be systemwide access, maybe
Camden and Newark should be contributing, too.
-Addie said it was hard to find non-RU rankings for our departments/programs,
and those she found were not always based on same criteria.  She will see if
she can find more.   CSPAD has its own list of rankings, but we don't have
access to it.
-We cannot ignore the Strategic Plan areas--these are the University's
priorities, and we will need to accommodate them.  For undergraduates, there
are lists by majors and minors.  We must consider full-text databases for this
6.  Collections Locations Report--Jane Sloan distributed a summary of the
recommendations of the Subgroup for discussion:
-American Studies will move to Alex, and the budget and selection process will
be merged with U.S. history.  There may still be a fund code for American
Studies next year, but we can empty it.

 -Business collection remains status quo.
-Cook Sciences--Rebecca Gardner is now selector for environmental studies.  She
pointed out that we need the ability to transfer books also to Chang, if
necessary (from Douglass).
-Add recommendation that additional storage space be found for older materials
and back runs of journals for New Brunswick.
-Landscape architecture is split between Chang (Lil Maman is selector) and Art
(Halina Rusak).  Budget remains separate.
-Sport and exercise science--Three selectors have been buying in this area:
Rebecca Gardner, Helen Hoffman, and Irwin Weintraub.  Rebecca noted that the
department is in flux.  The three selectors will meet to decide who should be
primary selector.
 -Theater arts and dance--This area needs more study.  The New Media Center is a
national cooperative venture which Rutgers recently joined.  The University's
members include RUL, the Teaching Excellence Centers, RUCS, OTC, and other
relevant groups at Rutgers.  However, the plans for the performing arts
collections within RUL are not being determined by the national body nor by
Gary Gigliotti's group; rather it is RUL which is directing it.  The initial
proposal to create a Multimedia Performing Arts Resource Center within the
Douglass Library was distributed to all persons within RUL.  It was developed
by a committee co-chaired by Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Putnam, and Ferris Olin.
The committee included other library faculty, representation from Douglass
 College and performing arts departments of Mason Gross School of the Arts.
That proposal suggested that Media Services might move to the Douglass Library.
-Women's studies--on hold for now; remains at Douglass.
-Visual arts--The current selector, Ferris Olin, and Halina Rusak will divide
the budget into two parts--one part for maintaining circulating collection, and
 the rest goes into art budget, which is responsibility of Halina.  Cinema
studies was not addressed in this report; it will remain at Alex for now.
Jane will revise the recommendations, incorporating this discussion, for
inclusion with the Collections Group annual report.
Next meeting, Aug. 14.
Respectfully submitted,
Penny Page
Secretary du Jour