Subject: New Brunswick Collection Group Meeting Minutes
Date: Apr. 9, 1999:

Present: Ben Beede, Illona Caparros, Nelson Chou, Howard Dess(chair),
Rebecca Gardner(recorder), Ellen Gilbert, Kevin Mulcahy, Ferris Olin,
Mary Page, Halina Rusak, Jane Sloan, Addie Tallau, Ryan Womack, Connie

Secretary du jour: Rebecca Gardner

1.  Meeting agenda was approved.

2.  Minutes of March 12, 1999 meeting were approved.

3.  Report from the Chair:

        Journals Cancellation Planning: Although no dollar target was
named, cancellation lists  should be ready by July 1, and completely finalized
by the end of September, 1999.  Mark Witteman created a list of
duplicate journals.  It is an enormous file, however, so Howard will
send the URL, along with directions for downloading it into Excel, to us
via email.  Discussion regarding full text packages.  The quality of
many online titles is not an acceptable alternative to paper, especially
in subject areas such as art.  Selectors should send problem titles to
Howard.  He will record and forward to B. Sewell.

        Fund Allocations: For next year, Ryoko suggests plugging in 80%
of this years allocation for each fund code (state and non-state), and then
finalizing amounts in Sept-Oct (state) and Dec-Jan (non-state).  It is
important to involve more people earlier in the process this time.
Halina asked whether money can be shifted between funds; some funds
spend out while others need more.  Suggestion to give each selector a
lump sum and let them allocate among their own funds during the
year–would allow for flexibility.  Jane stated that approval funds can
be over-expended.  Halina requested that the issue of phonothon money
and its relation to Alexander be investigated.  Nelson would like to see
East Asian better integrated.  Problem is that SIRSI can't read the

4.  NBCG Governance:

Howard questioned whether we still need three subgroups since
they were not active during the past year.  Decided to have ad hoc groups that
will come into and out of existence as needed.  NBCG will have a chair
and three conveners (one from each subgroup.)  Will have elections for
chair and conveners by June.  Those who want to run should put together
a position statement.  Term of office will be two years for chair and
conveners.  Arlene Minch can help us run an email election.  The
location for NBCG meetings will remain at LSM.

5.  Approval Profiles:

        Our approval profiles have high return rates.  Jane would like to
refine them with each selector.  In addition, she wants to develop
approval profiles, rather that BNA slips, in other areas.  Advantages to
this include receiving the book closer to when it is published, getting
the cataloging record, including the table of contents, and less work in
general all the way around.  Science approval plans would necessarily be
quite small since such a large amount is spent on serials.  Interested
selectors should talk with Jane ASAP as the representative will be here
in May and Jane would like to be prepared for her visit.

6.  Undergraduate Collections:

        Addie distributed a chart of undergraduate programs and the
number of
students majoring and minoring in each.  Some general areas, such as
global studies are not represented.  Ferris proposed putting support for
undergraduates on the agenda for next time.  Howard said that we might
somehow survey the faculty, asking how we can better support
undergraduates.  Jane said that we should examine circulation and recall
data of materials.

7.  Jewish Studies:

        There is money available in this subject area but no selector.
It is a
very interdisciplinary field.  Selector would need to coordinate with
others such as art bibliographer.  Hebraic language skills are
essential.  A purchase list was compiled but has not been acted upon.
The faculty is getting impatient for books to arrive.

        Questions: Should the next open humanities line include Jewish
Studies?  Is it appropriate?  Is there anyone at RUL, including Camden
and Newark, who could do it?  Does anyone have the language skills?
Could the responsibility be split?  Kevin, Ferris and Ron will put
together a statement of need and request for language skills to poll RUL

8.  Reports:

        Jane: For _non-state_ funds, orders will be returned when the
fund is 100% spent.
Kevin: Alex is having a booksale April 19 and 20.  May contribute
books to Kevin for the sale.
Ferris: Would like to discuss final destinations of books ordered
at a future meeting.  (acquisitions and locations.)
Addie: Please check your purchase order numbers for serials and
let her know if they appear wrong.
Ryan: Kilmer is also having a book sale on April 27, 28 and 29.
Scott Hines will visit Kilmer and weed old computer books.

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