Subject:   New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting
Date: Friday, May 14, 1999
Place:Special Collections Room, LSM Time:9:30 a.m.

Present: Dess, Womack, Capaross, Rusack, Gilbert, Tallau, Mulcahy, Vazquez,
Page, R. Gardner, Wilson, Wu.
1. Agenda approved with items 3 and 4 switched, and including a brief
report from Ryan Womack on the Technology Group.

2. Prior Meeting Minutes approved.  (Report on Jewish Studies from Kevin,
Ron & Feris to follow).

3. Selection of Candidates' slate: includes 5 positions (convener plus 4
subject area subgroups).


Convener: Howard Dess.  Unanimously nominated.
Arts & Humanities: Kevin Mulcahy
Social Sciences: Ben Beede, Mary Fetzer
Sciences: Julie Mardikian, Addie Tallau
Ref. Subgroup: Ilona Capaross (see #5 below)
Arlene Minch will coordinate the election.

4. Report from the Chair:

Ryan will be NBCG's liaison with the Technology Group.

Cancellation targets (see handout): overall target: $327,000.  NB Target:
235,440.  SACCDM has questioned whether the traditional 70/20/10 formula for
dividing responsibility among New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden is still
valid.  Some adjustments may be required, and this will be dealth with by

Agreed that subgroups should meet and begin work on this immediately, with
an eye toward finishing by the end of August.  Primary targets for
cancellation: duplicates and journals available online.  Social Sciences and
Humanities can determine whether their cuts will come from their serials
and/or book budgets.  It was agreed that a letter should be sent from the
NBCG to teaching faculty explaining this latest round of cuts, and, in an
effort to highlight the discrepancy between what has been acknowledged that
we need, and what we are actually getting, this letter should be appended by
a copy of the recent Faculty Council Resolution calling for increased
library support.

Mary Page will circulate lists of area subscriptions to the appropriate
selectors; the list of duplicates, already on the web, will be made
available in print as well.

5. Reference Collection Team (Ilona): suggested, and it was unanimously
agreed, that this group be folded into NBCG to create a 4th subgroup.
Modifications to handout, "Proposal for Managing Reference Collection
Purchases in NB": delete last line ("The selector must add a secondary code.
. ." from #1; add "and interdisciplinary" materials to first line of #3.)
Howard noted the availability of non-state funds specifically earmarked for
the purchase of Science reference materials and expressed concern about the
fairness of Science selectors utilizing Reference coded funds that would
otherwise have been available for use by Humanities or Social Sciences
selectors.  Ilona will revise this document and circulate the revision via

6. Ryan reported that the Technology Group met and is interested in
supporting new projects that would include more people. Technology Team
members are eager to work with other librarians on various projects; please
email Ryan with news of work-in-progress or suggested projects; he will then
circulate a compiled list. This is an area where grant money might be
pursued.  Myoung suggested a project that would examine ILL numbers.

7. NB Collection Development for Undergraduates.  Addie circulated handouts
including data about RU academic departments, and suggested that it might be
appropriate to change existing allocations and location assignments to more
accurately reflect these numbers.  Some selectors noted that it is difficult
to separate graduate and undergraduate materials. Should duplicates be made
available where there is need?  It was agreed that we need to get away from
relying so much on ILLs, which only encourage further erosion of
collections.  Also, stop the practice of removing one campus's copy of a
book to put it on reserve at another campus.  It was suggested that we look
at Phonothon money (collected from Freshmen parents); how is this money
being spent, and do we want to reallocate it?  (Using it for binding in the
past was expedient but not necessarily its best use.)