DATE: Dec. 8, 2000

New Brunswick Collection Group Meeting, December 8, 2000: Minutes

Present: B.Beede, E.Calhoun, J. Cassel, K. Denda, H. Dess, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, E. Gilbert, T. Glynn, H.Hoffman, J.Mardikian, K. Mulcahy, J. Sloan, G.Smulewitz, A.Tallau, L. Vasquez, R.Womack, M. Wilson.

Agenda approved as modified

Minutes approved (date not specified).

Overview of Collections Budget: HD and the Sub-Group Chairs presented an overview of RUL budget situation. Allocations should be posted in SIRSI very soon.

MCW reminded us again that no new funds are allocated when new programs initiated or expanded.
Also, requested that funds be set aside to purchase faculty requests when a bibliographer's funds have been spent out. HD will negotiate this with R.Sewell. Question was raised as to whether RUL purchases books requested via ILL. Answer was "yes" if published in 1999 or 2000 - Acquisitions gets these directly from Barnes and Noble.

Can we get print-outs of our budgets or must we look up each fund code in SIRSI? GS will investigate practicality of doing periodic printouts.

JS - media deals almost exclusively with faculty requests which are given "Priority 1" status and noted in order record that faculty should be notified when received.

Collection Rationalization Project: BB will have his JSTOR report soon, then will go subject by subject. GS will code BB report by subject and send to relevant selectors for approvals about what gets kept/moved/discarded. If any confusion about who should decide, will go to subgroup chairs.
Objective is to have one complete run of any title in a single location.

SMLR Library: MF and RW are appointed to a committee on the future of SMLR. Have submitted a report and recommendations including a list of SMLR titles and their status in the system, e.g. many are duplicates, either available online or in print elsewhere. Budget for SMLR collection comes from RUL budget; librarian/staff lines are paid by SMLR. Discussed what should be done about duplication of materials, can we cancel? Also discussed whether Human Resources material might be moved to Kilmer since that would make it closer to its faculty users,. HD will ask Bob to consider how these questions might be broached with faculty and set up a meeting between RGS/HD/MF for further discussion and planning.

Collection Services role in Collection Development: GS told us of new Access database that will be set up to track cancellations and additions of periodical titles by fund codes. We will move S/O's for monographic series to Acquisitions from LSM to obtain better records and control. M Page and GS will work on this. We will invite M.Page to attend one of our meetings to discuss this and other issues.
GS will do a demo for us on looking up information on monographic series.

Diversity Fund: EG and LV - up 17% from last year. LV will continue to coordinate with a team selecting for these funds. LV will again send out guidelines for selection of "diversity" materials.

Agenda Item #7 (approval plan) was tabled.


JS: discussed media purchases -Increased demand noted because of use of smart classrooms.
Most are faculty requests with priority for course-related materials. In most cases we (as well as faculty)can not pre-view media. Send order requests for media to JS or can order with our own funds and send to media as location. We are not yet buying DVD format.

Submitted by: Helen Hoffman