New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2002

Present: E. Calhoun, J. Consoli, H. Dess (Chair), M. Fetzer, M. Fraser, R.
Gardner, T. Glynn, B. Hancock, T. Kuchi, P. Libutti, J. Mardikian, K.
Mulcahy, H. Perez-Gilbe, P. Piermatti, G. Smulewitz, A. Tallau, R. Sewell, R.
Toyama, L. Vazquez, R. Womack (Recorder)

1. Meeting agenda was approved.

2. Minutes of 12/14 meeting were approved.

3. Mary Fraser, new librarian at the School of Management and Labor Relations
Library, was introduced and welcomed.

4. Toyama gave an update on vacant faculty lines. Three lines are presently
in the pipeline for hiring. Three other vacant lines will be kept on hold
until further details about next year's budget are available in March.

5. Dess distributed a handout describing the current NB collection budget and
expenditures. Spending is continuing at a good pace. Small adjustments to
allocations will continue to be made due to ongoing cancellations by
Collection Services and credits from book fines.

Sewell announced that there will be a workshop in the near future on
collection management, with an emphasis on nonstate funds.

6. Sewell gave an overview of collection operations and distributed a handout
describing the current systemwide budget and expenditure situation. Due to
the earlier budget allocation process this year, we have done better at
spending out our budget, especially in state funds. The high budget for
nonstate monographs was noted. This is likely a consequence of rollovers of
late orders from last fiscal.

Next year's budget outlook is still unknown, but is likely to be muchworse
than the present. Although the University wiill not ask for givebacks or
cuts in this fiscal's budget, in fiscal 2002/3 we may lose the $850,000 in
one-time funds that we have received the past two years. This would represent
a 12% cut in the collections budget.

Sewell distributed a handout describing the Collection Development Council's
goals for the year, which include improving liaison relationships, developing
guidelines for research guides, and assessing user needs. Tallau noted that
the e-journals survey will run from Feb. 11 to Feb. 25, and encouraged us to
advertise the survey to those with an interest in e-journals.

7. Consoli noted that Princeton's Art Library will be temporarily closed as
they move to a new location.

8. Dess reported on Acquisitions operations. Dess and the subgroup chairs
met with Mary Page to discuss concerns on the backlog in ordering (currently
one month for standard orders and longer for more complicated requests). Page
was receptive to the concerns of the group. Acquisitions is understaffed for
the kinds of tasks they now perform, including their new "Fast Cat"
responsibilities. Suggestions made to improve the backlog included a better
link between information in Blackwell's Collection Manager and Workflows;
allowing selector's to take more responsibility for their own orders; and
analyzing the work processes in Acquisitions to identify bottlenecks. Page
has promised her own investigation. Grace Agnew should also be aware of
NBCG's concerns: she will be invited to NBCG in February. Dess and the
subgroup chairs will also soon meet again with Mary Page to follow up.

Also, as a reminder, the procedure for submitting priority orders was

9. Mulcahy distributed a handout on the guidelines for accepting gift
collections. While being courteous to those willing to donate materials, we
should discourage patrons from dropping off large quantities of material
without consulting with a selector about the contents of the gift. If
patrons want to drop off materials without consultation with a selector, we
should remind them that in this case we retain the right to dispose of their
materials as we see fit.

10. Libutti distributed excerpts from a forthcoming chapter on virtual
collection development in education and encouraged continuing discussion on
the impact of virtual collections on other subject areas.

11. Tallau and Smulewitz provided an update on the Douglass collection
consolidation. Selectors are reviewing their subject areas to determine
whether material should remain at Douglass, be transferred to other
libraries, or withdrawn.

12. Smulewitz reported that MARC holdings for serials are being implemented
by Collection Services.

13. Vazquez reported that diversity funds are being spent on materials
relating to the Middle East. A Rutgers task force is working on building up
resources in this area. Selectors should ensure that English language books
on the Middle East are being covered in their approval plan profiles.

14. Fetzer announced that she is seeking volunteers for post-tenure review.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 pm.

Submitted by Ryan Womack