New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Library of Science and Medicine

Friday, July12, 2002 - 9:30 a.m.
Special Collections Room

Attendees: K. Denda, H. Dess (Chair), M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, B. Hancock (recorder), T. Kuchi, M. L. Lo, J. Mardikian, K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen, J. Niessen, P. Piermatti, G. Smulewitz, R. Toyama, C. Wu

Meeting began at 9:35 am at the Library of Science and Medicine.

  1. Agenda item number 8 was removed and a brief report from H. Dess on the NB Graduate School's plans for theses was substituted. The agenda was then approved.

  2. Minutes of prior meeting were approved.

  3. New selectors were welcomed:
    Mei Ling Lo for Computer Science and Math
    Laura Mullen for Psychology
    and in absentia Karen Wenk for Geography

    R. Toyama noted that the Social Work position will be posted when the details of the budget become clearer. She expressed thanks to M. Fetzer and E. Stec for helping with the accreditation process for Social Work. It was also note that the Dean of Social Work will contribute $20K to the libraries. The search committee for the Social Work position will include M. Wilson, M. Fetzer and K. Mulcahy.

    The Music position will be filled temporarily and an advertisement for the position will go out the week of July 15th. F. Puniello will chair the committee.

    S. Harrington has taken on temporarily collection development responsibilities for Art History, French and Italian while J. Consoli is on sabbatical. K. Mulcahy will cover Gay Studies and Comparative Literature and J. Niessen will take Medieval Studies.

  4. H. Dess gave a budget update. The situation is somewhat confused, as far as it can be told the pressure is still not off and cancellations may still take place. The selectors are advised to continue to prepare cancellation lists. Some work in this regard has already been considered: cancellations of duplicates, Gale titles and Project Muse titles.

    The deadline for cancellation notices to the vendors is the beginning of September, it may happen that we have to send out cancellation lists before we know the budget. Collection Services will handle any cancellations, not Acquisitions. G. Smulewitz said that information on encumbered but not paid titles would be sent to the selectors.

    H. Dess mentioned that M. Page is reviewing contracts with vendors to determine whether or not we may cancel duplicate print copies. These are mostly science titles. B. Sewell will take any monies recovered into central and reallocate them.

    R. Womack has gone through ABI / Inform and flagged titles which may be cancelled as duplicates.

  5. Updates: no reports from the subgroup chairs.

  6. Processing of Gift books. A document of transmittal is now needed at the beginning of the process. Forms are available in either B. Sewell's or J. Zapic's office.

    A new method is being developed as a pilot project to generate records for gift books. The records are extracted from IRIS and sent to RLIN. So far there has been a 75% match. This method could be used for a recon project.

    Thank you letters to donors are usually written by R. Toyama. For the purpose of librarians' annual reports, the gift value may be approximated using the average values found in Books in Print.

  7. The Annex and collection rationalization. An Operational Overview and Procedures Manual was handed out to the group. Of particular interest is page 2, section III: Selection Policy for Materials to be Stored at the Annex. The 7 criteria listed in the document under this section refer to monographs, microfilm is not included nor are fragmentary runs of journals. Collection Services will coordinate any transfer of runs to the Annex but a workflow and communication path still needs to be established. It was suggested that we invite F. Tehrani to speak at one of our meetings. Once a workflow has been established between Collection and Access services priority should be given to LSM to alleviate shelf space problems. The subgroup chairs will meet with G. Smulewitz to develop the procedures and proportions allowed to each group.

  8. The New Brunswick Graduate School has changed their policy regarding the retention of theses. There will be only one circulating copy in the libraries but the more recent theses will also be available from UMI online.

  9. Miscellaneous reports. G. Smulewitz showed the group a new archival box which will be used as more material is moved to the stacks. These boxes will be labeled in Collection Services.

    R. Toyama informed the group about the joint storage project by Columbia, the NYPL and Princeton. It was built in 18 months and is twice the size of the main floor of the LSM. It has temperature and humidity controls and access is strictly regulated.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Submitted by,
B. Hancock