New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Library of Science and Medicine
October 10, 2002 - 9:30 am.

Present: Calhoun, Denda, Dess, Fetzer, Glynn, Hoffman, Libutti, Lo, Mardikian, Mulcahy, Mullen, Niessen, Rauchmann, Smulewitz, Toyama, Wenk, Wu, Zapcic

  1. Agenda - appoved

  2. Minutes of last meeting - approved.

  3. Budget update: Dess. Handout - attached - summarizes budget information as of Sept.30.
    See Note 1 - indicating the funds allocated to New Brunswick as a whole and which are to be allocated to individual fund codes for monographs. Mulcahy and Fetzer have finished allocating and turned over to data to N. Hendrickson. Will notify bibliographers as soon as money is allocated and available. Note NB has a higher amount than last year. This is intended to compensate for funds Humanities and Social Sciences lost during last year's freeze. Bibliographers are advised to spend their allocations promptly.

    Smulewitz indicated that there is always a need for additional funds to cover standing order and other periodical invoices that come in.. Our allocation for periodicalsis the amount paid last year plus 8% increase to cover increased prices. But extra volumes get published, standing orders might produce more volumes than last year. Funds are needed to cover these.This year it looks like $50,000 to $100,000 might be needed. It is hoped that Central funds will cover these. Dess will discuss with Sewell and ask him to reserve contingency funds to cover these expenses.

    Mulcahy indicated that in 1999 workflows showed we spent $290,000 of state funds to pay for 8182 books. Last year we spent $164,000 to pay for 3,453. This includes funds for replacement books. Approval plan acquisitions have been pretty steady.

    Phonothon funds have been allocated. Gift and Endowment funds not yet.

    Bindery costs are down approx. 10% due to electronic journals, in-house preservation efforts.The $102,000 expected to be needed this year will be evenly divided between Humanities/Social Sciences and the Sciences. It is all charged to non-state funds.
    e top. In Arts and Humanities some of Phonothon funds used for bindery, not so for Science which will have to charge Gift/Endowments when received.

    M.Page has issued final cancellation list - saved $181,000 mostly by cancelling duplicates.
    If we have electronic access from the publisher (as opposed to aggregator) we have cancelled print copies in most cases. Print copies of titles in Project Muse were cancelled

  4. Foundation update: J. Zapcic was invited to join us to discuss how we can cooperate with her office for fundraising and strategic gift acquisition. Niessen mentioned a Byelorussian studies project in which RUL is collecting papers and books, hoping to find donors to endow a book fund to augment and maintain the colleciton. Zapcic reported that the Foundation is the central fundraising office of the university and she is assigned as an advocate for the Libraries in that effort. In the case of major gifts, she will help us with negotiating the protocols and red-tape involved. Foundation will prepare deed of gift with any conditions etc.

    "Telefund" is now run from the central office. - she works with 4 of the most proficient student callers to help them motivate donors to upgrade their gifts.

    She would like to know our Collection Development priorities - what's important to NBL - so she can focus on obtaining gifts and endowments in these areas. She would especially like to be made aware of interesting collections or gifts so that we could send out press releases on these.

  5. Gift and endowment funds: Foundation turns over funds from these on a regular schedule.
    If need money prior to usual allocation, she will try to make the case to the Foundation.
    RU donor base of >8000 includes phonothon and major gift donors. She provides special "thank you" letters or receipts for donors of $250 or more. Would like to be able to do the same for donors of lesser amounts.

    Needs guidance and cooperation from us on what we need money for. Also, it can help if subject bibliographer talk to potential donors.

    Fetzer: Do we have systematic channel for reviewing offers - so that we are not bringing in collections we do not want? Lo: what information is in donor database that migh help us to identify people with interests in a particular area? Zapcic- alumni database provides school from which they graduated, major - in some cases job history and interests. Toyama: She gets to see lists - but is obligated to guard the privacy of donors. Hoffman: how do we know whether it is safe to reject a gift that we don't need - what if it's a major donor whom we do not wish to offend. Zapcic suggested that we can call her. She can be the one to reject the gift or, if accepted, can approach donor for funds to process the gift. Unwanted gifts can be channeled to Africa via our international program.

    If gifts are in the form of stocks/bonds, the foundation will decide when to liquidate and put funds into the Library's accounts. In bequests, foundation must wait for estate to be settled.
    At this point, we should not be directly soliciting Class Gifts - should come from Central.

    NBCG will work on a priority list of collections for which we should solicit gifts and endowments. We will circulate e- mails in the next few weeks with suggestions - then at a meeting organize our priorities and forward information to Zapcic.

  6. Collection Services update: Smulewitz reported several projects in progress or planned including:

    If you are contemplating any project involving Collection Management or records management, see Smulewitz prior to the project for help in scheduling and planning.

  7. Publisher's scam: NBL received invoices and collection notices for ATT 800# directories and listings in DataCom Business to Business Directories although these were not legitimately ordered. Staff members may have been tricked into accepting these are "free gifts" after telephone solicitations. DO NOT AGREE TO ANY FREE MERCHANDISE OFFERED IN A PHONE CALL. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH ACQUISITIONS DEPARTMENT. A general warning will be sent out to all Library employees.

  8. Douglass project: Denda reported that Mullen is now working on Psychology monograph collection - making a big impact on the project. They have processed 23,000 titles, of which 9,000 were transferred to Annex or other RU libraries, 14,000 withdrawn. We are close to the end of this phase. Still have questions about deposition of titles remaining:

    Collection Services can provide printout of titles, other RU holdings, unique titles etc. BUT, before bibliographers review their areas, must decide whether last copy policy applies also to these titles. Also, Collection Services will attempt to fill in missing volumes etc. at other RU libraries. Staff may also check with bibliographers on "last copies" of monographs such as textbooks or superseded editions to make decisions on whether they can be withdrawn.

    (Smulewitz: Note: the missing pages file is being eliminated. Replacement pages are being tipped into the volumes and returned to stacks.)

    Renovation of Douglass is planned for March 2003. However, all staff will move in January. Will try to maximize access to all materials during the project. Performing Arts and Music will be merged. The print Performing Arts Reference material will be moved in with the Music Collection prior to the renovation.

No miscellaneous reports. Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Submitted by: Helen Hoffman