New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Library of Science and Medicine, Special Collections Room
Friday, December 13, 2002 - 9:30 am

Present: H. Dess [Chair], R. Gardner, H. Hoffman, K. Mulcahy, P. Piermatti, J. Sloan, M. Wilson, R, Womack, B. Hancock, K. Denda, T. Glynn, H. Perez-Gilbe, K. Wenke, T. Kuchi, J. Niessen, P. Libutti [Recorder], M. Lo, G. Smulewitz, F. Tehrani.

Attachment: NB Collection Group Budget Update December 12, 2002 (Excel)

  1. Approval of Agenda:
    K. Mulcahy moved to accept the agenda presented. It was accepted.

  2. Approval of prior meeting minutes:
    K. Mulcahy moved to adopt the Minutes as written. The Minutes were so adopted.

  3. Budget update:
    H. Dess et al. [handout: NB Collections Budget Update and Summary, HMD, 12/12/02; see attachment] H. Dess provided a summary and update of current collection budget information. Some salient points:

    Selectors reported details about specific funds. K. Mulcahy alerted selectors not to hold any state monies in reserve. He also reported that non-state funds had been allocated and selectors were advised to begin utilizing them. H. Dess reported that gift funds for the sciences were already fully committed for purposes other than monograph purchases (primarily bindery costs). This leaves only a reduced Phonothon allocation and lower than anticipated endowment funds to provide for all science monograph needs in 2003.

  4. Annex Update:
    F. Tehrani provided a Report and answered questions from NBCG about Annex storage policies.

  5. Missing books report: (F. Tehrani)

  6. Gift book procedures: (H. Dess et al.)

  7. Funding strategies [continued]:
    H. Dess reviewed the suggestions received to date from selectors for funding proposals covering various subject areas:

    H. Dess requested that the originators of these suggestions provide additional details in a format that would be more suitable for submission to Julia Zapcic and transmit to him for coordination before the end of January.

  8. Announcements: