New Brunswick Collections Group
Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2004

Present: Howard Dess (chair), , Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Brian Hancock, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Marty Kesselman, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Karen Wenk, Myoung Wilson, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu (recorder)

  1. Agenda was approved after tabling Gacemary's items to the next meeting.

  2. The previous meeting minutes were approved.

  3. Budget and spending update NB collection budget update and summary was reviewed. Total RUL free balance was -$15,685 and NB monographs free balance was $20,795 as of 5/13. Our ordering and spending rate is proceeding well as we enter the final stretch of our fiscal year.

  4. NBCG elections The term of Chair of the A&H Subgroup ends on June 30th of this year. We need nominees to fill this slot for the next two-year term. A new Chair of Reference including electronic resource component subgroup is also needed. After discussion, the group decided to have a nomination and election process via emails. Please check with nominees before your nomination. All NBCG members are eligible to nominate candidates for these two positions and only tenured librarians are eligible to serve.

  5. Follow-up and critique of Selector Budget Request Forms Most selectors have submitted the form. General feeling is that overall this exercise is a good idea and will give us a better picture of our current collections and areas that need to be strengthened. But some concerns and suggestions were raised during the discussion:

    1. Some requested information should not be included in the form, such as number of students and faculty members. This type of statistical data can be more effectively compiled centrally.

    2. Many of our important resources are in electronic format and funded out of ELPX, a fund code controlled by Central. Because there is presently no easy way to analyze or determine the cost of the various resources lumped together in ELPX, selectors cannot determine what share of the overall e-products costs are attributable to their specific subject areas.

    3. Because University and campus priorities are a moving target with many ambiguities, it is difficult to respond to question 14;

    4. RUL administration should provide the necessary information about the university and campus priorities for selectors;

    5. RUL administration should negotiate with academic departments that if they start a new program, they should provide new collection funding to RUL;

    6. Selectors require better guidance about how best to respond to question 13. The interpretation of the question varies among selectors;

    7. The current budget for existing programs is based on historical experience. RUL should come up with a more substantive methodology for determining fund code allocations that is at least partially formulaic in nature.

    8. The NB members of CDC should bring our concerns and suggestions to CDC;

    9. We would like to see Bob's report based on the feedback he gathers from the answered forms.

  6. Miscellaneous announcements

    Tricia Libutti reported the access point for the new ERIC database will be journals only. The search results will include links for contact points for acquiring resources. But gray literature and ERIC clearinghouse documents will no longer be included.

    Kevin Mulcahy cautioned against buying-stand alone CD-ROM products because changing technology may cause problems for future data access.

    Marty Kesselman reported that the LinkSource Implantation committee is working with Ebsco for the trouble shooting of the new A-Z e-journals list. Questions and concerns about LinkSource and the list should report to the committee.

    Laura Mullen reported that LSM finished the special collection weeding project. Any questions related to the collection can address to her.

    Helen Hoffman suggested CDC consider ordering e-books as a continuing subscription.

    Jackie Mardikian asked about the procedure to send unwanted donated books to Africa. She suggested inviting Thelma Tate to our future meeting.

    Laura Mullen suggested that book donors be advised in writing that RUL may not always be able to add their gift books to our collections. She will prepare a draft of an information sheet that might be applicable to such situations and present it to NBCG for discussion and approval.

    Howard Dess attended a demo from Elsevier. The new product called Scopus was very impressive. The citation search feature is even more advanced than the one offered by Web of Science.