New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Friday, October 8, 2004

Present: Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda (recorder), Mary Fetzer (convenor, in lieu of Howard) Constance Finlay, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Tricia Libutti, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura B. Mullen, Jim Niessen, Pat Piermatti, Hector Perez-Gilbe, John Shepard, Gracemary Smulewitz, Karen Wenk, Myoung Wilson, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu

Mary Fetzer conducted the meeting instead of Howard, who was absent due to illness.

Agenda: Approved.

Minutes of the prior meeting: Accepted with correction.

Budget Update:

The 2004-2005 budget is still pending. At present, the selectors can only order material using RPMX and non-state funds with positive balance.

Gracemary informed the group that the figures under "encumbered" in Workflows do not include inflation (~8-10%). Once the inflation is factored in, there is less free balance.

Gracemary mentioned the serial consolidation project which intent was to provide selectors on 3 campuses data on all duplicate subscriptions for possible cancellation and/or consolidation. The consolidation will enable RUL to negotiate for better services and greater discounts.

Sage journals changed their pricing structure. The online version will no longer be free and will be subscription based. Gracemary will distribute a list of print and online subscription costs, and she will request selectors to indicate their choice (print, online, or both) and the fund to support the subscription.

Duke University Press journals will leave Project Muse. Gracemary will follow up on the CDC discussion/decision to reactivate the subscription of these Duke UP titles.

Electronic Reference Works

Marty noted that there is uneven representation of electronic reference resources on the RUL website. Some titles are represented only under "Electronic Reference Sources" a link under "Research resources," some under "Indexes and Databases," and some have presence in both pages. There seems to be no firm guidelines or category for a resource to be part of either one of these lists. The material in question includes online indexes and databases, resources freely available, and components of a print subscription based on one of the 3 campuses. The group identified 2 central and yet separate issues that require a system wide effort to address this issue:

Gracemary will generate a list of relevant titles with information on subscription status, print duplication, etc. for survey and analysis purposes.

NBCG endorsed sending the issue to the Reference Subgroup chaired by Jeris.Kevin, Rebecca, Marty, Karen Hartman, Mei Ling, and Laura will join her reviewing this matter in depth.

YBP Approval Plan.

Mary Page requested YBP to start sending the books from Ashgate and Elgar, 2 publishers initially excluded from YBP approval book plan. She requested that selectors examine the RUL profile placed in ALEX and LSM T:drives, specifically the "Publisher's list" and "Non-subject parameters," and send her proposed revisions. Mary also suggested that selectors examine the YBP glossary.

Books excluded from the approval plan 7/04-10/04. Mary requested that selectors send her the list of titles and publishers by November 1, 2004. She intends to negotiate with YBP for a solution and will report back to NBCG.

Standing order. YBP took over the standing orders handled previously by Blackwell. This was necessary in order for RUL to have the 18.2% discount. At present, Acquisitions Dept. receives SO as part of approval plan (not slip) and:

ACTION: Mary will generate a list of standing orders transferred from Blackwell to YBP.

GOBI demo

Slip orders. Selectors have been saving their orders in folders. Acquisitions will start ordering them when funds are available

Parameters in slip records. Mary noted that the following parameters in the slip may indicate the reason why titles are not included in approval: Approval note, format, price, and content level.

Folder. Mary recommends placing the selected titles in the folder, not in cart. When material is placed in the cart, it cannot be viewed. The content of folder is dynamic and reflects current status (availability, price increase, etc.)

Shared folder. Can be shared by all selectors.

Duplicate order. If there is a slip order followed by an approval book, or vice-versa, Acquisitions will block the duplicate order.

Slip weekly cycle. Starts every Wednesday.

Notes to YBP. Mary cautioned the group against sending notes to YBP. This takes the order out of the normal workflow.

TOC. YBP does not provide TOC. We can get the TOC from another vendor.

Lack of TOC in YBP books. NBCG members reaffirmed the impact of the lack of TOC in IRIS. It significantly impacts public services including instruction, especially in interdisciplinary areas. At the request of NBCG, PSC had a discussion on this issue at 10/6 meeting, but no action resulted from it.

ACTION: The group endorsed requesting Howard to have this in the agenda for Nov/04 meeting.