New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Thursday, November 11, 2004
Approved by NBCG on Dec. 10, 2004

Present: Ellen Calhoun, Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Howard Dess (chair), Mary Fetzer, Constance Finlay, Rebecca Gardner (recorder), Brian Hancock, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Patricia Libutti, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Pat Piermatti, Gracemary Smulewitz, Karen Wenk, Ryan Womack

Agenda: Item concerning collection development issues involving e-books was postponed.

Minutes of Prior Meeting: Accepted with revisions.

Budget Update:

There is $200,000 in phonothon money this year. 34% has gone to the sciences and 66% to the arts and humanities and social sciences. Bindery costs come off the top. These amounts are now reflected in SIRSI. Reminder that Acquisitions accepts orders via the webpage form, email, printouts and flyers. We are not yet using the onlineYankee ordering module.

Non-state money is coming soon, so Howard encouraged selectors to spend their phonothon money out sooner rather than later. Gift and endowment funds look good; much better than last year.

The group was reminded that the list of missing books is on the T-drive. We can spend RPMX funds.

The outlook for the state budget next year may include 10% cuts. The Rutgers share of the Knowledge Initiative will be between $500,000- $2,000,000. We do not know the exact figure yet.

YBP Performance Update:

Mary Page is meeting with our YBP representative while attending the serials conference in Charleston. Hopefully, concerns and questions from selectors can be answered. The volume of books coming in does seem to be better in most areas but it is still slow.

In GOBI, there is a tab at the top for "Peer Reports". One can compare the number of titles received by peer institutions by LC range.

Patrons cannot request items received on approval that are "in-process" because records are being loaded without copies attached to the bib records. This practice is expected to change shortly so that patrons will be able to place holds on approval items as soon as the records are loaded.

The question arose as to how approval spending is going compared to this time in previous years since the number of books received seems low. A way to check and compare was proposed: For the months of September and October 2003, titles received from Blackwell can be sorted by call number, and random titles compared to retro YBP files. If many titles didn't show up in YBP files, profiles could be examined to try and figure out why. This would be raw data, but might give some insight. Gracemary volunteered to carry out this test.

Electronic Reference Works:

No report yet; will have a report for the next meeting.

A question arose regarding "niche" databases. SMLR has three networked BNA databases that are only available at SMLR. Would it be possible to have them cataloged in IRIS with a note in the 856 field that people need to go to SMLR to use them? Are CD-rom databases and databases like Beilstein and SciFinder Scholar precedents? Are there other "niche" databases of this sort? Jerseyclicks? Databases on the alumni list? There needs to be a policy for such circumstances. It was agreed that this is probably an issue that needs to be looked at by Collection Development Council, Public Services Council and Technical Services Council. Jim and Constance volunteered to contact MaryBeth Weber and work with her on this issue. Once preliminary procedures have been worked out, the topic will be brought to the three standing councils for further discussion.

Selector Expenditure Reports for Donors:

Donors sometimes ask for an accounting of how their money was spent. Currently, there does not seem to be a standard procedure for how this is accomplished. NBCG agreed that it should be the selectors' responsibility, with the help of Nancy Hendrickson, to write up a report and be the contact person with the donor. A copy of the report should be given to the AUL for Collection Development and Management.

There should be a way to code what is ordered so that selectors know that an item was purchased with donated money. In SIRSI records there is a field called "extended info". Perhaps donor information can be entered there, and then reports could be run on that information. The problem is selectors are not always informed that they have such donated money in their funds. Selectors need to know when donated money is received and whether it is restricted to certain subject areas or other parameters.

It was noted that some schools have public notes in their online catalogs that indicate "gift of…" Such notes are good marketing tools and may encourage more donations. Howard will bring all of these issues to the Collection Development Council. In addition, Gracemary will give Howard all of her documents from the meeting that discussed bookplates last year.

Collection Development Issues Involving e-books:

Tabled to a future meeting. In the meantime, comments, issues and experiences can be sent to Jackie for future discussion.


Howard: Hector has resigned and his collection responsibilities are in the process of being redistributed. Reminder that there is a GOBI training session on Monday, November 15, at 10am in the LSM e-classroom.

Laura: Laura and Karen recently attended a virtual reference conference where there were many vendors exhibiting. Laura reminded us that these vendors are quite willing to come to Rutgers for demos of their products, etc.

Gracemary: Reminded us to use the serials team email ( Let Grarcemary know if questions sent to this email are not answered.